The 2007 Greatest Guitarist Poll winner was
Ritchie Blackmore
Arise Sir Ritchie!

This makes it 4 years in a row for our Ritchie at 

Yes, following the internal investigations it was found that over the last weekend of voting there was an automated multiple voting program being used by a single person for Derek Trucks, as pointed out by many of our readers on this website.  We have now taken these votes out and following a recount we can confirm that Ritchie Blackmore has indeed won the poll for the 4th year running.

The following are comments left by voters when choosing Ritchie as their favourite guitarist.  We've not included them all as it is very repetitive; however here are around 500 of them in alphabetic order.  You may recognise yours.   The spellings are by the voters! Our favourite fan comment (from jcs4jbem) has Ritchie being knighted!  Now there's an idea.  In the meantime please vote for Ritchie to be inducted into the hall of fame here
Any comments about the poll results please contact us.

One common thread throughout the fan comments is the lack of recognition Ritchie gets.  Well, there's plenty enjoy!

after all these years and still rocking like nobody can. whether its deep purple, rainbow or blackmores night the proof is in the pudding

....ritchie blackmore...what else?

=??????? the beeeeeeeeest!!!!!!!

4 his work with blackmore's night

6 strings, 12 strings,hurdy gurdy the man can just flat out play!!!

A innovative guitarist, brilliance and emotions are parts of the blend in his soloes. Years of fun and joy through his guitar sounds.

A pioneer, then and now;

after 40 years he is still improving, changing and constantly inspiring a lot of other guitarists. listen how he often re-arranges his songs. even current tunes are rarely the same as the recording when plyed live. compositions are incredible and improv even moreso.

After just watching 'Paris Moon' he is still the best at what he does and can swith from rock to folk to blues with ease.

all time hero

Always fascinated by Blackmore's style, it's reckless yet refined!

Always liked Ritchies guitarplaying, whether in Purple, Rainbow or Blackmore's Night. Extraordinary riffs and solos, also he has the ability to come up with new stuff.

always superb

Always was on the top 10 all time best rock guitar players in the last 35 years in my book.It's his turn>>>>>>>>

Are you kidding? Black Knight, Kill the King, Man on the Silver Mountain, Speed King, Smoke on the Water, Lazy, Catch the Rainbow, 16th Century Green Sleeves, Kentucky Woman... Gee... are you serious...?

As an all around player...not tied to a certain genre, Ritchie is the hands down choice.


B/c He's the bloody best!

Because all is began from Ritchie, the guitarists should understand what i mean.

Because any guitarist can boast such a great influence of development of guitar music alongside with many other kinds and styles, as Ritchie.

because Blackmore has got a unique style combining blues and classical influences with elements of barocco

Because Blackmore is the best!

Because Blackmore is the best:-)

Because Deep Purple is my favourite group, I become listening to music when I meet Ritchie Blackmore.

because for me is ritchie is the best one....

because he can use his guitar to express strong emotions anf feelings in an original and instantly recognisable way. truly talented.

Because he has been in music for many many years and is very good at what he does

Because he has influenced my style very much,and I like his sound and techniques.He has made the story of hard rock.Finally, He is the best!!

because he have unique and emotional playingstyle

because he is a true virtiouse and gentlemen

Because he is god!

Because he is simply the best!

Because he is such a talanted person and he is not playing for money.

because he is the best

because he is the best guitar player, and i like his music a lot

Because he is the best guitarist in the world ever period.

Because he is the best, for many years !

Because he is the best..... even if he's a pixie these days!

Because he is the greatest.

Because he is the king of kings in the guitar world!!!

Because he made a huge developement in sound exctraction from electric guitar.

because he should be and is one of the best

Because he was the best guitarist in deep purple, the best guitarist in rainbow and the best guitarist in blackmores night (all be it the only guitarist in blackmores night!)

Because he's great.

Because he's one of the best

Because he's stil the best gitar player around

because he's the best

because hes the dogs bollox!

Because He's the one and only

because his fingers are magic.

Because his magic of playing the guitar is perfection!

because I am guy with a love for the legacy he left behind.......

because I like him

because i like him music

because I like Ritchie Blackmore's style's excelent

Because I love Blackmore's Night, and Ritchie plays the guitar so good that he really should win. If not, for me he will be the best anyway!

because I love his music and all the band's it been.

because I love his music. It has changed my life more then any other.

Because I really think, that Ritchie is best player I ever heard.

because i think he's the best

because i think he's the best!

because I think Ritchie Blackmore is the best

because i think ritchie blackmore is THE BEST!!!

Because i think that he has the best technique in the world, and he renew deep purple

Because I want that Ritchie Blackmore win!

Because I want to tell everybody that Ritchie Blackmore is the best guitarist ever.

because it make me buy my first guitar...and because is the best rock guitarrist ever

Because it´s the easiest question in thew world to answer! Who else´s playing can move you, emotionally, like his... No one. Like i said, easiest question in the world... All the best!/ Sören

because of 31 years of listening and nothing better!

Because of all the great music he make. He takes a old song and makes it his own in a own special way that noone else can!

because out of all the guitarists he is no 1.

Because R. Blackmore is the best guitar player

Because Ritchie and his band Blackmore's Night are just amazing!!! He deserves this honor.

Because Ritchie Blackmore has changed my life and he is the Master of Masters

Because Ritchie Blackmore has proven that he can play guitar in many different styles over the years. His career has brought him success in a variety of bands, all very unique. He has mastered the guitar in ways that others can only dream of.

because ritchie blackmore is AWESOME!

because Ritchie Blackmore is greatest musician i ever heard

Because Ritchie Blackmore is my favourite guitarist ever

Because Ritchie Blackmore is pure brilliance!

Because Ritchie Blackmore is the best guitarist for me...

Because Ritchie Blackmore is the best Rock Guitar Player ever .... and the most underrated ... ever!

because Ritchie Blackmore is the best!!!!!

Because Ritchie Blackmore is the best. It's that simple.

Because Ritchie deserves better recognition from the music world...he has shaped rock since the late 60's...and he plays beautifully.....RITCHIE ROCKS

Because Ritchie has all the best riffs, best solos, best songs, best wigs, best band bust ups, best tights, best practical jokes, best looking partner, best everything really!! I also voted for Ritchie just to piss off Ian Gillan!!

because Ritchie is god!

because Ritchie is Guitar God:-)

Because Ritchie is multi dimensional, and his current project (Blackmore's Night) is his best music yet!

because Ritchie is of course the best for ever !

Because Ritchie is one of a kind. No one remotely sounds like him, nor conveys though music the sheer range of tonal color which translates to the emotion and feeling of the human experience.

because Ritchie is One of the One.

Because Ritchie is talented in more than one type of music. Plus his fingers set the strings on fire! He's fast and awesome!

because ritchie is the best

because ritchie is the best of the world

Because Ritchie just ROCKS!

Because Ritchie playes for so long time, and he still plays really good. He showed us that he can do the rock, folk, renaissance, metal.. Everything. He's just great!

Because Ritchie's the man! The man in black!

because so glad he stopted to play rock

Because the man is simply the greatest guitarist there has ever been and is still producing great music 40 years into his career.

because this is the greatest guitarust!!!

because those ten magic fingers do unbelievable things to stringed instruments(including medievil and rennaisance instruments).

because, he's the most fluid and talented. and he wasn't afraid to go for it 10 years ago and play what he wanted to play.

been a fan of ritchie since 1971 at the age of 12.also met him a few times

Been listening to Ritchie since 67. My playing style has evolved from his work. Love it til this day.

Bescause RITCHIE is the best ever!!!!

Besides that Ritchie is my all time guitarist, I believe that he is a very refined and versatile guitarist with a unique style and sound that makes him the best guitarist.

Best all around guitarist

Best Blues-Based Rock Guitarist in the world. In my humble opinion.

best ever

Best flexible player, plays all styles with ease, plays with unusual much ""feel", makes even the most difficult scales sound easy and light.

best improvisation, best feeling, best technique, best allrounder on guitar

Blackers is a god!

Blackers is the best there ever was



Blackmore has proved many times he is the greatest he has changed his style of music but still plays much better than anyone and after all these years on top he still wants to get better he stays out of the public eye and that annoys many people but he does what hes does and he is simply the best ever.

Blackmore has proven himself time and again, as the most compentent and innovative guitarist in rock music.

Blackmore is a guitarist who SUCCESSFULLY integrated blues, rock, classical, and in come cases jazz (whether by choice or chance). And few guitarists can be IMMEDIATELY recognized by their tone and cadence

Blackmore is a wizzard in creating the most beautiful melodies in his solo's and songs, listen to "Gates of Babylon".


Blackmore is god.

Blackmore is king...

Blackmore is madjical the true master

Blackmore is one of the few gitarists alive that can combine sublime technique with a lot of emotion in his playing.

Blackmore is the best

Blackmore is the best!

Blackmore is The Best!!!

Blackmore is the best. I made this choice for his entire career. He's my favourite guitarist behind Jimi hendrix...

blackmore is the guitarist who inspired people to begin playing a guitar more tha any other famous guitarist

Blackmore is the one guitar player that you can listen no matter what frame of mind you are in. He'll give the listener a good dose of whatever is needed from melodic noodling to outright mayhem. It's all there. The guy is the best.

Blackmore rules!

Blackmore simply was an inovator that is "sadly" underated.


Blackmore wrote the riffs that defined early heavy metal.

Blackmores Night is awesome!

Blackmores night is my favorite band!

blackmore's riffs have changed the rock hystory...

Blackmores rules for ever!!!!

Casue he friggin rocks out man. That and his Wifes Webmaster said to vote for him. Not hat I wouldn't have anyway. GO RICHIE!!!

Cause he i like his playing!Thats it!

cause he works his fingers to the bone, and he's damn good at it.

Cause he's magic oooh yes he's magic yes he is.

'cause he's the best !

'cause he's the best ever.

Cause he's the best!

'Cause it's about bloody time,don't you think??

Cause Ritchie is the best!

Cause Ritchie is, since 37 years, my favorite....

cause youu don't mess with the best!!!

Consistency over decades. Mr Blackmore has inspired me since I first heard him and does so still. True Feeling in his playing, combined with immense talent.

'Cos he is the best!!

Creater of Baroque Rock/ root of Neo-Classic Rock. Perfectionist and never stopping challange.

Deep Purple rules!

Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night ... What can I say ...???

Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmores Night...

Definitely a good list of musicians - but Blackmore is the clear winner.

depth and consistancy of great playing

Does anyone not know a Ritchie Blackmore riff? Every guitarist does. Everyone has heard him even if they don't recognize the name.

Don't know anyone else who makes me stand up in front of the stage, let me lose the world and hardly find myself back on earth !

duh,duh,duh-duh,duh,duh,duh.That monster riff!!!

Eccentric, versatile, distinctive and a great sense of melody.

Enjoy all rainbow and purple records

Excellent musician spanning from classic rock (Deep Purple and Rainbow) to more relaxed music in Blackmore's Night.

Fantastic range of guitar technique and sounds over 30+ years

Fantastic tone and great licks. It's not speed that determines.

Fantastic tone, with unbelievable solos built from simple songs with a strong melody.

Fascination and watching over 35 years :-)

fast and slow, heavy and sweet within one solo

Father of Metal

For his inspiration and his feeling...

For many years Ritchie has been a number one guitarist to me

From Deep Purple to Blackmore's Night, Ritchie Blackmore has inspired scores of aspiring rock guitarists. The man deserves the recognition, he deserves the honor that so many following him have already received.

God is still alive .

Goes his own way.

Great guitar work on Blackmore's Night ... versatility

great poll good choice but only one winner,Blackmore

Great songwriter; great new album; always solos like his life depends on it!!

greatest ever!

GREATEST GUITAR PLAYER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAIL RITCHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hard to imagine a more influential guitarist still living. No pointless tricks or speed, just a real lead guitarist. Long Live Rock and Roll... Err... Classical... Medieval... Uhmmm?

Have listened to Ritchie Blackmore for many years. He is great

He always was the best!

He can play faster, cleaner, and a wider variety than any other

He created many great riffs, wrote great songs and play great solos!!!

He deserves a recognition for his outstanding work for over 40 past years.

He Friggin rules... who needs more :P

he has a great talent and skill. his riffs are diverse. Also his musical styling has spanned a number of different genres throughout his career, and yet his playing remains current and evolving, not getting stuck in any one thing.

he has always had the ability to improvise in whatever musical direction he has taken and has always played with feeling which moves the listener whether it be on the acoustic or electric guitar

He has been my favorite since... well... deep purple! And so on!

He has been my guitar hero, since I started playing in 1969 !!!!!!

he has changed music history over and over again

He has done it all...

He has influenced many top players and deserves recognition

he has influenced more guitarists than any other of them

He influenced Many musicians

he inspire all the new generation and above all he can play any style

He is "the god".

He is a legend from The original Rock and Roll to the classics.

He is a super guitarman

He is absolut the best

He is also greatest musician !

He is and alway has been the greatest guitarist.

he is excelent

he is great musicman

He is great.

He is incredible talented musician.

He is inventive and plays with feeling

He is just the BEST!

He is just the greatest!

He is one and only !

He is one of the best guitarist ever to come out the UK with a unique style

He is one of the best Guitarplayer,He plays many Different Styles (Music)

He is original.

He is simple the best.

He is simply fa the best, technique and feelings, Fender or acoustic.

He is simply the best

He is simply the best guitarist on the planet!

He is simply the best!!!

He is simply the best.

he is so versatile and has proved himself time and time again.

He is still a fantastic guitar player!

He is still awesome anbd exciting on Stage like no other ! full Stop-

He is still one of the greatest performer in the art of guitar playing

He is the best

He is the best all around guitarist....

he is the best by far

He is the best of the best!

He is the best!

He is the best!!!

He is the best, just great. Blackmore has been my favorit since 1970(deep Purple, In Rock).No one play`s like Blackmore!!!!

He is the best...

he is the best..the man on black

He is the greatest composer-guitarist since 1970 and he has created an endless number of very famous riffs. After many decades he's still composing inspired masterpieces with acoustic guitar instead of celebrating himself. Nobody reaches his height.

He is the most amazing guitarist that receives such little recognition! His time has come!

He is the most consistent and hardworking guitarist in history. No greatest hits released annually in slightly different orders. Ritchie is still recording fabulous music and is still fantastic live.

He is the most emotional and versatile performer

He is the star of star(for me).

He is totally awesome! His music with Deep purple and with Blackmore Nights is totally awe inspiring!

He just... is Mister Fingers

He learned how to make the guitar talk... (As the song goes.) And when he playes, it just hits me, emotionally. In all aspects.

He made a lot for rock, and still does.

He may not be playing rock anymore which is a shame but what he still does is play with such finesse, taste, feeling, call it what you will that it sets him apart from all the guitar gunslingers around. The man's simply a genious.

he plays clasical rock

he s the number one

He started something and in al these years none like him, the riffs, the technique, the attitude... the man in black.

He the Best of the best

He was and still is an innovator

he works across all genres.

He`s the Greatest!

He`s the real master of melody !

He´s been number one for me since Purple and to today´s Blackmores Night.

He´s the best - still!

He´s the finest guitarist what have ever been.

Heard Richie play for years and now his new type of music is just awsome. Blackmore's night are the best.

Hei s pure feeling playing the guitar

Hes a bad ass guitar player! With a long career.

He's a good guitarist. He's a fantastic guitarist. And he's funny. And sometimes he's moody. AND he likes ot do the hoovering. What more dya want? KUDOS, RITCHIE MY MAN, KUDOS (Under a Violet Moon's sticking....Beyond The Sunset's gone weird >.<)

he's a great guitarist.

He's an amazing guitarist in a lot of different genres. He's just simply the best!!

he's awesome

Hes awesomeeeeeeeeeeee

He's consistantly the best!

he's god of fingers...

he's great

He's Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hes just the best can play anything

He's just the best. No contest.

He's my divinity

He's my favorite guitarist and can still amaze you with his playing even though he's over 60 years old.

He's my favourite guitarist

He's simply the best!

He's so clean in his playing, the best there is.

he's the best

he's the best !! that's all !

He's the best all around guitarist period, Half the guitarist on this list are not in his league. There's only about 7 guitarist on this list that deserve to be there.

He's the best of all time and still going strong!

He's the best!!!

He's the finest guitarist ever!

he's the greatest

He's the Maestro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's the most underrated guitarplayer..

He's the only that can combine melody with shred. He never gave in like the rest of them and started tapping.. so he's still the best. Ritchie's got nothing left to prove anymore. He's one that doesn't use sweep picking or all of the other "speed" techniques - he still usees good old at. picking - try playing as fast as Ritchie does without sweeping or playing meaningless scales.

He's wonderful

hi is my favorite

Highly characteristic: can be recognized by one note;

His ability and longevity is unmatched. His style is unique. The way incorporates the differant genres of music together...brilliant.

His erornmous feeling, as electric and acoustic

His music is refreshing to hear still and his notes are always relevant. He could certainly rest on his laurels as he has an extensive library of great music yet he continues to put fantastic music out. You can tell that he truly loves music and the guitar. Always an ispiration!

His music moves like that of no other musician.

His playing touches my soul

His solos are the most thoughtful

his style, the feeling in his playing, heavy/soft/blues he has it all


He's the best and should also be knighted as well!!! (yo! - JB)

I always admire him! He is the best and my five year old son is big fan of Ritchie.

I beginnig to play guitar, because t saw Ritchie Blackmore. And it's change my life. Big thaks to Ritchie.

I choose for versatility and the ability to make my heart sing along with the sound.


I chose Blackmore because of his history of wonderful work, and his ability to continue creating passionate and melodic guitar solos to this very day. There is still no smoother fret hand in the business. A truly amazing player.

I chose Ritchie Blackmore, because he is simply GOD! No one can come close to his playing. The solos in "Child in Time" from Deep Purple, and "Kill the King" are the two best guitar solos, no questions asked.

I dig the Blackmore

I do not know why, sounds good to me.

I dont know where to start and end...his solos, the agressive and dramatical songs (Stargazer, Gates of Babylon etc.), appregio etc. To me there has never been anybody better (and ossible will not be)

I feel he's the best

I got turned onto Ritchie Blackmore's playing when I started listening to Blackmore's Night and I've been a fan ever since. The music and his prowess are both fantastic......thanks for such a great body of work thus far......BRAVO!!

I have always loved his work

I have always loved Ritchie's inspirational guitar playing.

I have been a big fan for years and he so deserves it. He is a great guitarist.

I have been listening to his music for years and he is awesome

i have heard Ritchie Blackmore when I was ten years old and i think that he is the best. He is the man in black..Greatest guitar player of all time.

I have heard Ritchie playing many times and EVERY time it was the most magical moment. Every time....He is the greatest.

I have though Ritchie Blackmore a precursor to most rock or metal guitarists. Some may be faster but he opened the door wide.

I have to explain why I picked Ritchie Blackmore? Speaks for itself.

I hope Ritchie gets the recognition he deserves.

I knew Ritchie`s work a long time ago, and no one makes a lot of him now with your new style: folk rock

I like him melodic in Blackmore's night and solo

i like his music(Blackmore's night)

i love blackmore's musis

I love Blackmore's Night, Rainbow and Deep Purple

I LOVE Blackmore's Night. Ritchie is amazing.

I love his guitarplay, big fan of blackmore's night.

I love Ritchie since my childhood. Everything he done, especially with Deep Purple and Rainbow was totaly genius! So he deserve the Best!

I love Ritchie!

I love Ritchie's guitar playing

I made Ritchie my choice as he is/has been streets ahead of any other Guitarist for many many years !!!! and it is about time that he got the recognition that he throughly deserves !!!!

I made the choice because "Ritchie Blackmore" is a god on earth. His golden hands are unbeatable. That's my opinion because I am a really huge fan of his work he did with any of his bands in the past and now.

I think He is the best

I think he's a genious

i think it is a great idea. also ritchie is long overdue in getting recognition in the music hall of fame

i think its pretty obvious, lol.

I think Mr. Blackmore deserves recognition.

I think Richie Blackmore is an amazing guitarist

I think this is long over due

I very like the music of Ritchie Blackmore.

I´m a big Rainbow/ Deep Purple fan.

If Ritchie Blackmore doesn't win this well deserved recognition then this poll is nothing more than a sham!

If you listened to the man, you would know.

I'm a classical musician and huge fan of Blackmore's Night. Ritchie's writing and playing is beautiful!


I'm watching "Paris Moon" dvd, and god is playing music.

IMO, Ritchie Blackmore is the most creative, innovative and inspiring guitarist of them all.

In Ritchie Blackmore we have the most driven genius the music business has ever witnessed surpassing even the great Bob Dylan.His application to learning writing and producing 'What's in his head' is just plain frightening..Difficult to cure?..Yes i think so.

Influnetial and unique

Innovating, inspiring guitarist with a broad musical, intuitial knowledge, beautifully combined with enough technical ability! In fact the only one!

Is hard to choose one, but Blackmore had it all, good soloist, riff creator, innovative, influential, great creativity and possibly the best live player on the list, still there are so many great rock guitarrists, in the list. Few however have a long and consistent carrer, Ritchies works goes from the 60 session work throught the 70s with purple and rainbow, his best era. As well as some decent material in the 80s perfect strangers and some live performances and agian some great material in the 90s, stranger in us all has to be one of the most underrated albums ever as well as blackmores night, not rock, but still good guitar. As much as I love Hendrix or Page and others, they lack of the longevity in the rock scenario. I was left with Beck and Blackmore and I went for my personal preference.

It is nice to recognize people who have talents. Thank you.

It was him . tough choice, he wins out for his current work.

Its about time excellent artists had the recognition they deserve, nice one!

it's always great!!!

It's friggin Blackmore.... thats all you need right!!

It's one of my favourites, one who made his own style and one who keeps one rocking...

it's the honor listen him for me

I've been a fan of his for a long time.

I've been a fan of Ritchies for about 30 years.

I've had the opportunity to meet Mr. Blackmore at the Renaissance Faire where I work and he made a lasting impression.

Just listen to his music and you will understand...

Just listen.

Just look at the picture you have for the poll, and site. Need I say more. He is amazing now and then. (The guitar players listed and many that are not are all great players in there own style and way. You cannot put each of them higher than another the are`all great.)

Lets make R.B. the top man !!!!!!

lifetime fan.

Listen Ritchie's music and his evolution since 1980... he's simply the best

Long time fan of Mr Blackmore

Love Blackmores Night and all of Richies "other" bands

love blackmore's night and ritchie is amazing

Love his music.

Love his songs

Loved his playing for years and i think he deserves it.

luv him from day one


Man in Black is the finest.


Masterful , nuff said.

Monster Riffs and Minstrel Mastery he's still the man.

More emotion in his playing than any other guitarist I have ever heard.

Most underrated in my opinion.

Most versatile and knowledgeable

Most versatile and well trained musican. Complete master of Rock, Classical, Blues, Eastern and Traditional guitar... Simply the most complete!

Mr. Blackmore has been changing the sound of music for over 40 years , many , many gutarist credit Ritchie Blackmore as their inspiration , and I believe he should reconzied for this ,

Mr. Blackmore has inspired so many other artists , artist's that are evenon this list , He is a true inspiration to the music industry and with Candice Night , the two of them have changedmusic history again , they have brought back the TRUE meaning of song........

Mr. Blackmore is much more versatile than other guitarists.

Music from another planet.

my favorite

mystical expression, taste, technique, and superior tone

Mystical sound. I have been a fan since my teenage years. All his music stays with you for life.

Never has a guitar player made me so happy.He has incredible talent.It is quite an honor to listen to him play.

nimble fingers

no matter what he plays he's still amazing!

No one has influenced more of the names on this ballot than Richie Blackmore himself

Nobody had heard Ritchie's solo on Highway star can forget it. Him's pecular mixture of improvisation, classical and rock notes, and him's capacity to write a lot of greatest rock songs of all time are simply the best.

no-one holds a candle to ritchie blackmores talent

Not only is he a milestone in Rock he is also a much more varied player. Technically he is magnificent and his emotive playing is par to none.

Obvious, he's the best.

on top there's Ritchie and then nothing for lightyears.....

Plays intricate work

Please choose Ritchie Blackmore-that is all!!!

primarily because of his work in Blackmore's Night. I have been a fan since 1974, but in performing the music he loves best and re-learning his style (Django Reinhardt type playing with the nails) and still taking it to the next level. I saw BN in October, and he was AWESOME, and the show was fantastic!

Pure Talent

Quite simply because I still get shivers down my spine when he lets loose!!!

Quite simply because I've loved his playing since I first heard him over 30 years ago.

R.B. has always been a fav since my early learning years of axe slinging back in the 70s his tone and style in second to none even more so now with some of his fine acoustic work...


RB is talented both as a composer and a virtuoso, if not always diplomatically. His sounduniverse is in an interesting (and heavenly) way both metaphysical and melodical. Very few people can maintain their creativity during many decades as he has done.

Richie became very important to me and he still is, although he is no longer part of Deep Purple. Blackmore's Night are also OK.

Richie Blackmore is one of the most respected guitarists in history. He should be recognized for this finally!

Richie has been an outstanding guitarist since the 70's and Deep Purple. Always bringing his own unique approach to no matter what style of Music. To be able to go from the limber fingers of a hard rock guitar, to the gentle plucking of Renaissance strings in Blackmore's Night takes an incredibly talented guitarist and musician. He therefore remains my favorite minstrel.

Richie is long overdue as far as recognition goes .

richie is my favourite guitarist regardless of what style he is playing

Ritchie Blackmore is Awesome

Ritchie Blackmore can play more than lead rock guitar but classical and much more this make him multi-fassetted(sp) a true gem

Ritchie Blackmore chose to go beyond the "run-of-the-mill" by creating music with his dear wife Candice.

Ritchie Blackmore deserves to stand out, he is my favourite guitarrist and I will always follow his steps and highlight his legacy.

RITCHIE BLACKMORE el padre de todos los guitarristas, el más capáz ha dejado escuela en legiones que le siguen...

Ritchie Blackmore has contributed so much to rock and roll and music in general over his time as a guitarist. He deseves this award.

Ritchie Blackmore is a master. He plays more than one style/genre and does it extremely well!

Ritchie Blackmore is an amazing guitar player and deserves to be recognized. His work with Deep Purple, Rainbow, and currently Blackmore's Night need to be acknowledged. The man has a talent that many don't and can never-this is a well-deserved honor for him.

Ritchie Blackmore is an extremely talented guitarist who has been overlooked for far too long! Who else can go from rocking it to classical guitar and then right back into rockin' out and doing it all effortlessly? NOBODY! Mr. Blackmore is the master! He must be acknowledged!!!


Ritchie Blackmore is Classic as Ludwing Van is for Rock Music

Ritchie Blackmore is probably the greatest guitar player ever. Not because he was a great player....but because he was part of the two greatest bands ever. He like Toni Iommi is a master of riffs. Sometimes very simple rifs, but yet they sound like some of the greatest ever played. Ritchie was always in search of the perfect band. Although he may have never found what he was looking for many fans like myself were treated to some of the greatest music of all time. If he could just reform the band one last time and tour like it was 1983.

Ritchie Blackmore is The Best

Ritchie Blackmore is the best !!

Ritchie Blackmore is the best guitar player forever and ever. Even when is going in an another direction. He is a high educated and expirienced musician who has the best riffs.

Ritchie Blackmore is The Best!

Ritchie Blackmore is the best, awesome, superb guitarist and composer of the Century. I love Blackmore's Night, Rainbow and DP. The Best Music arround the world!!

Ritchie Blackmore is the god of guitarplaying......

Ritchie Blackmore is the greatest guitarist alive today.

Ritchie Blackmore is the main reason I play guitar. Though no one could ever be as good a guitar player as him, his awesome guitar playing is a guide behind which I will always follow.

Ritchie Blackmore is the most fluid, stylish, and impressive guitarist I have ever had the honor of hearing. His style is his own, and many great guitarists of our time name him as one of their major influences.

Ritchie blackmore is the most versatile Rock guitarist ever. He's the missing link between Hendrix and Van Halen. Despite being Rock's first shreeder and the first to introduce Bach to Rock, Ritchie always maintained his blues sensibilities when scoring countless hit songs and melodies. He's the only guitarist that can make me want to either commit a felony or cry like my cat just dies. A true treasure: melodic, expressive and great technique. Ritchie is three dimensional unlike most of the one dimensional guitarists who saturate the radio stations these days.

Ritchie Blackmore is the only guitartist that meets ALL of the following criteria: a) Consistently strong playing; 2) Diversity in style; 3) Unique sounds; and 4)Commitment to growing/learning new techniques/music.

Ritchie Blackmore plays a wide variety of styles. He even plays classical music and makes it rock!

Ritchie Blackmore plays like no other!

Ritchie Blackmore was God...

Ritchie Blackmore, Ritchie Blackmore,Ritchie Blackmore is the best.

Ritchie Blackmore's music nowadays looks as if he is close to retirement, but after visiting 20 Blackmore's Night shows in the last 9 years i've seen that the man is still unbeatable.

Ritchie can play his strat so emotional. His contribution to music with Deep Purple, Rainbow and Blackmore's Night is uncompared. He also turned so many talents into stars, like David Coverdale, Joe Lynn Turner, Cozy Powel and of course Ronnie James Dio.

Ritchie can shred with the best of em, but has taste and class.

ritchie continues to be the guitarist by wich all others are measured.just check out the new blackmore night paris moon dvd.

Ritchie has a great trackrecord but also manages to come up with different great music.

Ritchie has been at the peak of his game for over 40 years. He has been in two of the worlds leading Rock bands and then made the dramatic switch to acoustic renaissance guitar... and plays that just as well!! He deserves it more than any others on, or off the list!!

Ritchie has been my favourite guitar player for years. Not only does he play guitar like no one else, but he is one of the greatest songwriters in the world. He is the total opposite of "generic".

Ritchie has had the recognition with deep purple and rainbow, but i truly love the unique style and complexity of his work in Blackmore's Night.

Ritchie is magical with that .... with any guitar. He has formed one of the most richest bands ever assembled and has composed some of the most incredable music that not only touches the soul but also brings the world togather.

Ritchie is a family friend - dedicated to his craft. When at leisure, he would sit by his fireplace and play Green Sleeves and other medieval music, at the height of his hard rock fame.

Ritchie is a great guitarist.

Ritchie is a legend, still interesting also in this new kind of music. The next year I'd like to see Rainbow again!

Ritchie is and allways has been one of the greatest guitarists ever. Proof positive . still rocking the minstral way

Ritchie is consistantly awesome no mater what music style he is playing.

ritchie is god

Ritchie is king

Ritchie is my all time fav! My first hard rock album was Long Live Rock'n'Roll!

Ritchie is my all time favorite! His works is unsurpassed!

Ritchie is my hero and has been for over 30 years

Ritchie is simple the best...

Ritchie is still contributing to the world of music after more than 40yrs. How many others on the list are still touring, publishing and doing something different than they started out with? Ritchie is clearly not fully appreciated for his contributions... he is the guitar god.

Ritchie is still such an under rated guitarist and deserves more recognition for his brilliant guitar work

Ritchie is the absolute best dude! need anything more be said??

Ritchie is the best

Ritchie is the best all around...

Ritchie is the best by far

Ritchie is the best!

Ritchie is the best, for sure !

Ritchie is the best.

Ritchie is the best..

Ritchie is the Boss

Ritchie is the immortal spirit of rock.

Ritchie is the master

Ritchie is the most innovative, fearless guitarist on the planet!

Ritchie is the most significient guitar player among others.

Ritchie is the only one any kind of music he plaies.

Ritchie is the only one.

Ritchie is underrated and possibly the best guitarist on the planet.

Ritchie originality in creating music could not be compared to anyone else.

Ritchie Rocks~

Ritchie was a pioneer in the days of Deep Purple, melding blues and rock with metal, producing searing leads and riffs that have become standards! (show me ONE kid that doesnt try to pick ot Smoke on the Water on a new axe before he even takes a lesson!)Thru decades his music has not just stood the test of time but made time stand still. Even today he posesses the versatility of playing and writing the medieval tunes of Blackmore's Night and make that driven Strat sound not just fit, but make it rock!

ritchie was far ahead of his time in 68' and the solo for child in time is mind blowing. he managed to put out ground breaking material all the way through the 70's and even had an inprobable comeback with perfect strangers in the 80's and that was only the first 2 thirds of his career. i do love steve morse too but he wins all kinds of polls so the nod goes to ritchie folks.

Ritchie's diversity. A lot of the players are awesome, but only in a specific way. The only other guitarist who even comes close in diversity/greatness is Phil Keaggy.

Ritchies god

Ritchie's playing and influence on other guitarists is unsurpassed.

Ritchie's style touch my soul

Saw Blackmores Night a few months ago and still love Ritchies Guitar Playing. He is and was also at the last 40 years a Guitar God !

Saw BN in Ridgefield,CT. first show American leg, he was masterful,nuff said.

seen Ritchie quite a few times, simply the best there is no matter what genre

Simple - Ritchie is THE best!!!!!!!!

Simple. He is not getting the recognition he deserves by the media today.They always mention Beck,Page and Clapton, but hardly ever Blackmore. The fact is that there is no other artist on this planet that have had such major success with 3 completely different projects-DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW, wich turned out to be extremely big and important parts of rock history,+ Blackmores Night with wich he almost created a hole new genre. If you add record-sales-(200.000.000+),constant public interest and demand for almost 40 years,one of the most dedicated fanbases out there wich mainly concists of non-guitarists-wich says A LOT about he´s rare ability to create melodies and arrangements that reaches inside peoples hearts,invented neo-classical guitar playing that inspired thousands of guitarists(about 61 of them very well known) plus of course being the greatest and most well known guitar-hero in the 70´s, and has been a big inspiration for many of the players on the list above. IT´S JUST THAT SIMPLE !!!!!!!!

SImply because he is God....

simply has done it all and usually well...

simply the best

simply the best over a 40 year career

simply the best over the years

Simply the best!

Simply the best, and should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame !

Simply The Best...

Six or Twelve string master!!!

sorry in french Ritchie est le plus créatif des guitaristes des 70'son jeu de guitare est inimitable. Long live rock n roll.

starting playing guitar because of Ritchie

Stayed true to his sound and heart al those years.


still the best way to let our hero know how we love him

Still the greatest; his new band Blackmore's Night highly under rated

style for style Blackmore's talent cannot be matched.

Superb bar none.


the best

the best guitar ever

the best guitar of the best band ever

the best...

The first riff in my life was "Smoke On The Water"

The greatest

the greatest

The greatest guitarist of all time

The guitar players listed and many that are not are all great players in there own style and way. You cannot put each of them higher than another the are`all great.

the influence of ritchie blackmore is everywhere

the man in black rules

the mans the greatest

the master can not be denied.

the master of neoclassic rock...the most important ever whit hendrix....ask to yngwie;)

The most dynamic player still on earth (as Jimi is gone for a while now...)

The most gifted guitar player on the planet.

The most inluential rock guitar player in the last 40 years.

The only one is : Ritchie

There's no better choice, He is the most auwsom guitarist there is

There's no need to motivaten it. Blackmore it's simply the best.

theres only one guitarist who is a god and blackmore has proved that he is the one rock guitarist god

Therfore Ritchie deserved to be the best.

They don't get any better than Ritchie. All the rest try to copy Ritchie but there's only one original.

This man's music speaks for itself, Deep Purple,Rainbow, and Blackmore's Night. There's non better.

To do all that he has done, then for him to do what he truly loves..musically of course is inspirational.

To give support to the world's famoust guitar plaxyer

Truly one-of-a-kind. A unique blend of talent, style and attitude. Author of some of the greatest riffs of all-time as well as being a brilliant soloist.


undoubtly the best of all times

unique style, both playing and on stage.

unquestionably he is the greatest living guitarist

Very expressive, riff master, father to one of the greatest and underrated bands in the world (being Rainbow) fantastic improvisor ect ect its all been said im sure. GO BLACKMORE!!! whoo hoo

Vote for "RITCHIE" .-)))))))

vote for Blackmore

was,is and stays the best

We'll see how much politics is envolve,

What do you think? Just listen to Stargazer from Rainbow Rising!

When i heard Ritchie, my life changed for ever (in a positive way). Thank you for that Mr. Blackmore !

When it comes to Blackie no explanation is required.

why ?? Because he is the best , simply

Why did I make my choice? 'part form the fact he's partner to a GODDESS?

without a doubt Blackmore is the greatest , most versatile,creative , and original guitarist in the history of rock,

Without him, I never would be a musican let alone guitarplayer.

Yeah..........thanks for the opportunity to recognise Ritchie!