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Three handed Tapping Techniques - With Stuart Bollocks and Jim Brodie

Name: Three Handed Tapping Techniques DVD
Product Code: SHT0069
Artist: Stuart Bollocks (with Jim Brodie)
Media: DVD
Product Genres:  Amazing Technique
Skill Level: Suitable for All Gods of Guitar
Product Groups:  DVD Tuition
Buy Now: £49.50
This DVD contains everything you need to become a tapping ninja turtle. From two string scale and arpeggio ideas to full blown multi handed taps blazing across the fretboard. This lesson will add speed, accuracy, and spunk to your ejaculations.  The DVD includes a 1 minute guitar track played by Jim Brodie, the world famous guitarist from Adelangst.  The rest of the DVD shows Stuart Bollocks.

This DVD is presented by Stuart Bollocks.  Stuart takes you through the various types of tapping, including using foot passages (3 handed and one foot tapping) adding even more dexterity to the guitar tapping expert.  Also included are instructions on how players have developed their own tapping style, including the following already well known tapping styles: Monobloc Sink,  Three Hole Mixer, The Bridge Neck Pillar, High Bib, and the Brodie Crunch (fashioned by our very own Jim Brodie).

Jim Brodie's revolutionary signature banana shaped guitar slide.

On the eve of Adelangst's In-Continent Tour 2005 Jim Brodie announced his full endorsement of the revolutionary carbon fibre banana shaped guitar slide.  Said to increase reverberations 10 fold on certain models of guitar, this wonderful yellow guitar slide has also been given the defining signatory treatment by Jim Brodie, as each of the guitar slides is carefully engraved using an Extra Fine  Water Resistant Non Xyene and non-porous permanent signature.  Of the new slide Jim says "It is a hefty, no-compromise tool that features unsurpassed tone and control. It can be easily put between the teeth within around 2 seconds when not in use.  Although this makes you look a bit like a clown with a huge smile,  it then leaves all the fingers free for unencumbered, conventional playing. It works so well because of the unique carbon fibre design: the initial small probe section section remains in place using a small finger strap, and the main yellow "shaft" section can be easily rotated using the thumb. The move is done with one hand, so quickly that it doesn't interrupt a solo, although you have to be a jolly good player to master this technique."  

Jim Brodie - The signature of excellence Jim Brodie Signature Banana Guitar Slide
Retail Price:    US $ 730.00 (available from most reputable outlets)
Technical Design - Mary Remnant and her Renaissance Experience Support Team
Colour - Banana Yellow Length - 7 inches
Material - Carbon Fibre (Xeon coating)
Weight - 26 grams


Moritz Von Der Weide's Signature Guitar Pick:

" I can think of no better way than for me to hide away in my studio and play by myself for a few hours. The amount of pleasure this guitar pick has given to me over the last few years is indescribable. I only hope that the new Moritz von der Weide Signature Guitar Pick will allow you to explore your musical dreams in greater detail and help in you achieving greater enjoyment from your instrument. This Guitar Pick should only be used for those high speed Mozart arpeggio type solos, which demand technical excellence and complete overall control. If you're into all that Eddie van Halen twiddly nonsense, this is not the Pick for you. I've only tried this Pick out on my customised Eric Clapton Signature Strat (see picture), and I can only say that the performance and sound has blown me away. I look forward to seeing all my fans over the next few months. All the best!!"

Moritz von der Weide - The signature of excellence
Moritz von der Weide Signature Guitar Pick
Retail Price:    US $ 359.99 (available from most reputable outlets)
  • Technical Design - Mary Remnant and her Renaissance Experience Support Team
  • Colour - Olympic Blue
  • Length - 4 inches
  • Material - Renaissance Tortoise Shell
  • Weight - 4 grams

Moritz Von Der Weide Signature Catheter and Urine Collection Bag. 

To all my fans around the world:

As you all know I've been suffering from major urinary tract problems for the last 25 years. I've tried convenes and incontinence pants, but for the first time in my professional career I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever had complete and total confidence in an anti-bladder weakness product. In fact, I am so contented with this catheter and urine collection bag, I couldn't wait to give my full endorsement. I hope this product will give you the type of satisfaction and confidence that I feel every time I walk out on stage.  If you are interesting in purchasing one of these devices please contact us in the usual way.

Remember - I never leave home without my Strat and Cath.
Manufacturers Note: for legal and hygiene reasons, Moritz von der Weide is unable to provide a sample of his own urine with this product.
We've just been notified that following release of the Moritz von der Weide Signature Model there has been a groundswell of positive feedback from the public. So much in fact that we've just heard that in the Mid West of the USA, radio stations have launched a new type of music to follow on from AOR and MOR. This is known as IOR (Incontinent Orientated Rock).
Thanks to Shron Schwedick in  Akron, Ohio for the update.  With regards to the Signature Catheter, the product is now for sale at £699.00 (urine not supplied) available from most medical product outlets and musical instrument shops.