The 2012 Greatest Guitarist Poll - Results

At last here are the poll results we've all been waiting for, the prodigious Greatest Guitarist Poll 2012.
Votes were taken from hundreds of thousands of internet visitors. All you had to do is to vote for your favorite guitarist out of a list of 25 which were selected via a panel of rock experts . The rules of the competition this year were as follows:
• The guitarist must be an active living player
• He/she must have released an album in the last 3 years
• We will not accept block voting from crazy fans. If your email address is seen too many times all your votes will be discounted.   There were examples of this, mostly from German domains and one "Jerry" from England, but we discounted their votes as promised.

26th July Event cancelled! 
We had booked an all star session in Stratford, East London this Friday 26th July however it appears that this is the same time and venue as the Olympic Opening ceremony, and try as we might, we can't get that changed, so sorry for everyone who bought tickets, a full refund will be available from your agent. 

GodofGuitar Guitarists Poll Results 2012

1st Place - Ritchie Blackmore (last won in 2009)
2nd Place - Eddy Grant (2010 winner)
3rd Place - John Sherman (new entrant)

Below is some of the feedback we received for Ritchie Blackmore - a well deserved winner (even though he wasn't ever in the Yardbirds).  Commiserations to Eddy Grant who came second mostly on the strength of the solo in "I don't wanna dance" which is a stunner. New entrant John Sherman certainly surprised all with a rush of votes in April - but you can see Johns work on YouTube and he is indeed a cracker, even though there are many Richie Blackmore references included in his work, another tribute to our deserved winner this year.  

Please don't complain if we didn't reproduce your comment below - we chose entries which were funny, thought provoking, including some random entries.

Well done Ritchie!

a list of any description topped by RB? I never thought I'd see the day
The Greatest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only one possibility, Ritchie...
Ritchie is God !!! Really influential.
Ritchie is the best. Many, many great ones, but his sound and style are best of them all. Just wish he stuck with DP longer. Rock on!
He is just nr:1 :)
Ritchie is the greatest!!!
He is always getting matured like good wine.
My all time number one guitarist, songwriter and showman.
he is the best
Even playing acoustically and slight inflections of the strat(electric), on Blackmore's Night discs he's still at the top of my list of guitarists that are pleasing to me.
A Light In The Black - nothing more to say
Ritchie is the best guitar player ever for many many years who has displayed many styles and without him there would be a huge void in the music industry and how ihe is not in the Rock and roll Hall of fame is a crime there will never be anyone like Blackmore again.
Just the best and complete gitarist there is
Simply the greatest master rifter/shredder there is. If I dont hear his rifts or solos in a week I get cranky, its like something for your spiritual well being. the man's born to weild a guitar..truly a genious. One last rock album please Ritchie!
No contest
For Ritchie Blackmore news, videos, and much more ! Please visit the Induct Ritchie Blackmore into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Facebook or
The greatest of all Time
The best of all time. No one like Blackmor.
croatia loves ritchie
ritchie blackmore is god!
Ritchie Blackmore = GOD!
deep purple deep in my heart
How Blackmore isn't in the RnRHOF
On a day in 71 he picked up his Strat and plugged it inti his Marshall Amp, plucked 2 strings and the song of songs for all budding guitarists was born. Yes it is Blackmore God of Gods.
blackmore majical
Ritchie is God!
Ritchie's my all time favourite and no-one's better so he must be the GodOfGuitar more than anyone else,
RITCHIE BLACKMORE 4 EVER !!! Genius, charismatic, unique and most of all....brutally honest ... That is what I love....people with their own and solid character !!
Ritchie Blackmore is greatest!
Without question, Ritchie Blackmore is the greatest guitar player ever. Power riffs and classic scales leave everybody else in the rear view mirror.
Ritchie still rules, however I believe Joe Bonamassa have earned a place on this list
Still unmatched
Ritchie is â„–1!
blackmore is god
not just the greatest guitar player ever , but one of the greatest musicians and writers too . he changed my life back in 1981 when iwas only 12 , everyone was giong through trends , not m,e i knew at that age he is something special every note he plays is magical .god bless you ritchie and thankyou !! ps what about a rainbow tour , or purple mk 111 xx
Ritchie Blackmore
I think Ritchies technical abilities to play music and not just play the fastest is unsurpassed, although he is pretty damn quick too. He has been a massive influence on many guitarists.
Still the best, shows his skills also in Blackmore's Night.
One name - Blackmore!
He is my idol and the best hard rock guitarist, that has walked this fine Earth!
He is still the Man on the Silver Mountain
Ritchie Blackmore "still"
Godfather of modern goth rock, Classic skills, Blues, everything.
Just my favourite
Very overlooked guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore has been responsible for many a excellent riff, great music and inspiration to many younger guitarists
simply the BEST!!!
Greatest guitarist ever.. Ritchie Blackmore.
RB is just sooooo good!
He said it best..."I could wipe up the floor with most guitar players"
no question...STILL the greatest and most prolific!!!!
These are all great guitarists, but Ritchie has my vote!
Way underated.
I'm so "arghhhh" about all this Jimmy Page nonses all the time. He was very good years back, but since then NOTHING. Blackmore are FAR above the rest. Satriani and Iommi are both world calss too. And Bonemasa!!! But forget this Page!
Ritchie combines technical ability, taste, exotic scales, unique phrasing, and showmanship to make him the most intriguing player to me for the last 35 years!
Blackmore's the bust, f**k the rest!
Ritchie does things with a guitar that nobody else does, whether it be in 1970 or now.
Ritchie Blackmore....He has: 1) The feel of a blues player\
Rainbow- enough said!
Plenty of great Guitarists on the list but there's only one Ritchie!
Ritchie is the best ever!
Just love the way mr B plays the solos on lady gagas albums
Best guitarist by far
After seeing Ritchie at only #50 in Rolling Stone I am glad to see him as one of the top 25. Kudos!
RITCHIE was, is and always will be the KING!!!!! The ultimate rock genius mind!!!! No one better than him!!!
he has changed my life.
Blackmore has inspired more people to play, and produced timeless music for decades and is still relevant....'nuff said!
Most influeantial guitarist of all time. He is the rock. His melodies are enormous part of my life.
Blackmore is the greatest
Ritchie Blackmore is a great influence on R'N'R'!Visit in Facebook Induct Ritchie Blackmore into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
The only true God Of Guitar
Blackmore it a the best one, in terms of composition and innovation.
Ritchie is the most thought-provoking guitarist of all time.
The only guitar player that I ever got hypnotised or cried after listening to his playing is none other than our great man in black, Mr. Ritchie Blackmore. The "In Rock" was the 1st and still the no.1 album that struck me till these day. And that is also how I was kinda introduced to classical music even though I don't know a thing about it. Now he has moved to even a higher plain and I doubt other guitar players can catch him. He is just as what Roger Glover had said -"Our music is either light years ahead or light years away from what other bands were doing" - during an interview.l Yes! Ritchie is the No.1 guitar player and will always be.
Definitely Ritchie should be number 1!!!!
In terms of virtuosity, feel and soloing, Blackmore is without equal!
Ritchie Blackmore is God !
the best rock guitarists of all time
It could only EVER be BLACKERS!!!!
I've chosen Ritchie Blackmore for his totally unique, innovative style of playing. With his ear-shattering, mind-piercing guitar sound, Blackmore revolutionized the rock scene of the late 60's/early 70's. He truly is the godfather of hard rock. An absolutely astonishing and highly innovative player.
Ritchie is the most influential guitarist of ALL time .... just that :)