2011 Greatest Guitarist Poll

We are sorry there wasn't a poll in 2011 for the first time in many years, but we are doing a poll in 2012 so please look at that page instead.  The sorry tale below explains why there wasn't a poll in 2011.

December 2011: we have finally got agreement to get the Poll going however the processing company went out of business in December 2011, so we've had to put yet another delay on things, sorry.

August 2011: Update: its taken ages to get the Poll organised but we finally lauched it to the press on Monday 8th August night to a huge audience in North London.  Such was the clamour to get into the venue that police had to be called and something of a riot ensued - we are sorry about that but this is the type of thing that can happen when these huge pivotal rock music events are staged.  Anyway shortly we'll be putting the poll online for everyone to vote!!  Watch this space.

April 2011: Update: sorry to fans who are dying to vote for their guitar hero in this years Poll, but unfortunetly we keep having trouble with the official launch.  We recently planned to launch in Trafalgar Square on 26th March with famous guitarist Pete Kershaw in attendance along with Moritz von der Weide.  Indeed a large crowd had gathered but the stewards were a bit fiesly and before we knew it we were involved in a full scale riot - I've not seen anything like this since the Beatles.  We've decided to think very carefully before we launch the poll again, so please be patient and watch this site for updates.

Feb 2011 Update: Official launch delayed.  The official launch of the 2011 Greatest Guitarist debate was due to take place in Cairo in early February, indeed Jim Brodie who was there for the opening was very impressed with the audience that had gathered in Tahrir Square "you wouldn't believe it, I've never seen such a big audience for an event like this, it was amazing".  Unfortunately the event was ruined because of some local political rally and we've had to postpone the whole thing.  It is hoped to host it now in London sometime in March.

Jan 2011 update: Before we start I just want to lay down a few rules for those wanting to participate. Here is the detailed list of do’s and don’ts so please take note:

• No obsessed German fans hailing Ritchie Blackmore as the ‘greatest’ for no particular reason (just by saying “I’ve followed him since the Burn tour” is no basis to support your arguments).
• No reference to dead guitarists who are, in fact, still alive.
• Please ensure you match the guitarist with the correct band (Jimmy Page never played in Whitesnake, as an example).
• No mention of the word ‘crap’ or ‘shit’ (particularly when referring to Joe Satriani and Steve Vai).
• No references to heavily sweating guitarists (Gary Moore fans please take note).
• No mixing up of Steve Morris with Steve Morse
• No reference to Doug Aldwich being related to one of the first men to land on the moon
• No reference to Clem ‘Dave’ Clemson being called Dave ‘Clem’ Clemson.
• Please no reference to Eric Clapton playing on an iconic gay anthem called ‘I shot up the Sheriff’.
• No reference to the words ‘greatest‘, ‘guitarist‘, ‘The’ and ‘Edge’ in the same sentence.
• No reference to wigs or hair conditioning products