The 2013 Greatest Guitarist Poll Results

Well done Ritchie Blackmore!

The 2013 greatest guitarist poll results have now been announced with Ritchie Blackmore winning outright.  Ritchie was absolutely on fire during the Blackmores Night performances in the UK in July 2013 so it is a pleasure to have him as our GodofGuitar Greatest Guitarist again for another year.  Thanks Ritchie.

The rules were that the guitarist must be an active living player and  he/she must have released an album in the last 3 years.   Votes were taken online, and after weeding out the odd multiple/robotic entries we have Ritchie Blackmore as a clear winner again.  We were hoping to present Richie with the results in Salisbury at the Blackmores Night concert however he had given us so much beer from the stage that we became somewhat disorienentated and ended up presenting the results to come bemused tramp just up from the concert venue.  Ah well.  there's always next time! 

Here are some of the comments voters left us, sorry if yours isn't here.  The spelling and punctuation is as originally left - so don't complain to us!

Comments left by voters

Ritchie is the best!

Mr Ritchie Hugh MAJESTIC Blackmore

Let's give Blackmore what the fools at the rock n roll hall of fame didn't

El mejor guitarrista richi blackmore esa guitarra k realmente hace sentir emociones,,,,,,,,,

The man in black is forever the guitar god ! Rock on Ritchie

ritchie don't need comment. ritchie is ritchie

A wide spectra on his repertoar - and enjoys what he's doing. Still going strong and makes lovely music as ever! He truly deserves this! May he play on for rver as the virtous he really is :-)

There is many great guitarists but only God is Ritchie


Not only a great player but a great composer as well..... One of the most underrated players. Nobody has the emotion and groove like Ritchie Blackmore has


Ritchie is mynumber one favThe best, no doubts!

ritchie all the way

I've been following Ritchie since 1974. He supplanted Carlos Santana as the biggest musical influence in my life and I modeled my guitar playing after his. One of the greatest hard rock guitarists ever, he was on of the first forerunners of Heavy Metal.

The greatest ever 

Ritchie The Only One ! Master Of Masters !

Ritchie has done so much in a very diverse way. You could put his name on a lemon and it would turn into lemonade

Blackmore is most influential rock guitarist, his early works is still ahead all other on this list. Blaackmore`s influence in rock guitar is lightyear ahead

I've been listening to Ritchie's playing for years and his progression has been uncharted and unrecognised. Now's the time for his innovation, technical excellence and ability to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck to be recognised. Long overdue

i've heard lot of these people playing guitar... never saw one like RITCHIE BLACKMORE... HE'S BEEN GREATEST INSPIRATION 

He is the best period

Ritchie Blackmore is the greatest guitar player on earth. He has the best and most unique style I've ever heard

Ritchie Blackmore is not just a guitarist, but also a great composer and a very talented musician.
No guitarists tone touches my soul anywhere close the way Ritchie's does. ...Feelings Sweet Feelings, Drips from His Fender

the greatest. Full stop
Ther eis only one

Rolling stone put him at 50th. No way. he needs to be first

when i comes to technique,his skills are unmatched

No one like Blackmore can play anything on a guitar. From fast heavy to soft tunes from Blackmores Night. He has a style where you can here it's him. Always! There are many great players and I love many of them, but Blackmore are a CLEAR winner for me. 

seen most of the big names players, and in my opinion Blackmore is in another level, genius comes to mind,

3 notes in and you know it's Ritchie! The man's style is impeccable, unique, and all his own. Say no more. Hands down, the finest guitarist in this group

There is only 1...Blackmore

Ritchie Blackmore is the best by far and so diversified in the different string instruments he can play

His rock albums say it all. Deep purple,rainbow. But once you listen to the music he makes now, you say, he can do that on an acoustic guitar

Richie just does it for me as no-one else does. He is the best

Made in Japan. Nuff said


simply the greatest rock guitarist ever

Ritchie is the True Guitar God!... Nobody can play like him. He has his own sound, you always know it is Ritchie playing when you hear a song

Ritchie Blackmore is a golden God!

He. Is the best guitar player in the world

No question, the man in black is peerless

Blackmore is the best guitar player of all time in any category


Like Beetoven, Ritchie Blackmore will be remebered with or without the Hall of Fame 

listen to the music. Just pure class

Nearly 50 years creating great music :) is there anything more to say?

Biggest influence on my guitar playing. His unique use of melody and chord structure makes him miles apart from the others. I don't think I ever saw him use a full bar chord. He was very unique in that regard

It is time for 'The Man In Black' to be justly recognised

I´ve listned to Richtie during his whole carrier and whatever project his doing it turnes out brilliant. You hear within a second that it is Blackmore´s playing if you blindlistening. That tone,that feeling,that exess is magical.


The music speaks for itself 


How can it be anyone other than Blackmore?

No one touches Ritchie

The master..... the master..... the master.... the master (added comment from the guy in chainmail in the 2nd row at Wolverhampton... all the way through the bloody solo!)