The Great Rock Guitarists debate 2010

During the autumn this year you the public voted for your favourite guitarist based on nothing more adventurous this year than "he/she is my favourite".  The results are now in and we can confirm with much shock that Eddy Grant has been crowned GodofGuitar champion for the first time ever..  Well done Eddy! 

For those wondering what the fuss is about, listen to Eddy's amazing solo on "I don't wanna dance"...

NamePercentage of Vote
Eddy Grant54
J M Hendrix19
Eric Clapton 9
Jeff Beck3
Jimi Page   2
Gary Moore 2
Bernie Marsden 2
Satriani .5
Vai  .5
Others (inc Neil Young!)1
As of last night the total number of votes stood at 96,373   This vote is now closed.  However you can still comment via