The results of the Greatest Guitarist Poll 2006 held here at have been announced. Turnout for the 2006 poll was over 79,500 first and second preference vote cast. Once again the players receiving over 1% of the total vote are shown below.

The headline news is that Ritchie Blackmore has won for the 3rd year running. This stunning performance comes on the back of a difficult year for Ritchie as some of his fanbase have been disappointed with the new album, one fan commenting it "makes Abba sound like Slayer", however typically Ritchie has reacted to this and promises that the next offering will be "decidedly MOR" (which we understand means More of Rock). Fans will also be disappointed that the rumours of Ritchie's return to Deep Purple are unlikely now that Rod Evans is touring as Whitesnake in Bolivia. Also the current Deep Purple are likely to be joining Bob Dylan on his never-ending-tour sometime next year, making Ritchie's entry appear unlikely.

In second place is Derek Trucks who is currently touring with the Eddie Stobart Blues band. Derek was once put forward as a contender for the guitarist in Deep Purple in the 70's after his fantastic performances with the Allman brothers, however the management decided against it when they learnt he wasn't potty trained yet.

At the other end of the list, Just scraping in by his nose to our 1%, is Jan Cyrka. It looked like most of his fans are still based in Halifax or enjoy his current work with guitar magazines, well done Jan.

We'll be posting more comments and feedback shortly, but for the time being here are is a random selection of a few of the comments from people who have voted, followed by the percentage results of the poll.

Gurt Winkel from Heilbron Germany on Gary Moore:"Gary's playing is a mix of Finesse, Speed, Feel, Emotion, Improvisation, Technique, Intensity and, above all, Taste. His playing this year with Oscar Peterson was amazing, I've never seen him sweat so much. This why he gets my vote"

Eamon Ross in Chicago, USA comments on The Edge:"Intensity, Emotion, Feel, Improvisation, Technique, Speed, Taste and, above all, Finesse sets The Edge apart from most players"

Hector in Bogota, Colombia on Randy Rhodes:"Randy gets my vote because of his Feel, Emotion, Improvisation, Taste, Technique, Intensity, Finesse and, above all, Speed. Keep up the good work"

Astel Konk in St Gallen, Switzerland choses Ritchie Blackmore:"When I think of Ritchie I think of Emotion, Finesse, Speed, Taste, Feel, Improvisation, Intensity and, above all, Technique. Who cares how thick his tights are"

Miles Grantham in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK goes wild about Derek Trucks:"I'm not that keen on his linkup with the Eddie Stobart blues band but I love Derek Trucks. Improvisation, Taste, Finesse, Speed, Feel, Intensity, Technique and, above all, Emotion places Derek in a different league to most other players"

Adrian Ols in Malmo Sweden on Brian May:"Some people are so stupid they talk only of his great head of hair. When I listen to Brian May all I can think of is Technique, Finesse, Emotion, Speed, Taste, Intensity, Feel, and, above all, Improvisation"

Dim Kok of Busan, South Korea discusses Jimi Hendrix:"The finest neo-classist guitarist of all time. His Speed, Finesse, Technique, Emotion, Taste, Improvisation, Intensity and, above all, Feel has been an inspiration to all players"

Ritchie Morse Nassau Bahamas on Eric Clapton:"The greatest guitarist never to have played in the Yardbirds. The most underrated player of his generation. Eric posseses everything: Finesse, Speed, Intensity, Feel, Emotion, Improvisation, Technique and, above all, Taste. Keep spreading the word."

Fergus Wifebeater in Glasgow, Scotland on Duane Allman:"Did he play in the Eagles? Did he play in the Allman Bros? Well, who cares either way. Think of Duane and it's clear for all to see: Emotion, Taste, Finesse, Speed, Improvisation, Intensity, Technique, and, above all, Feel. Unbeatable, in my opinion"

Thor Arth in Oslo, Norway goes wild for David Gilmour:"Of all the players in the Who over the last 40 years, you were the finest. Please come back. We cannot cope without your Improvisation, Feel, Finesse, Speed, Emotion, Intensity, Taste and, above all, Technique"

Joe Vai in Vancouver, Canada on Eddie van Halen:"A twiddle here and a twiddle there. I haven't heard so much tapping since Fred Astaire met up with Ginger Rodgers. Feel, Taste, Emotion, Intensity, Improvisation, Technique, Speed, and, above all, Finesse gives Eddie the edge over every other player, including The Edge (ho,ho)"

Zak Urine in Savannah, Georgia, US praises his all time hero, Slash:"Your name may remind me of a urinery tract function, however your playing has everything: Improvisation, Speed, Emotion, Taste, Technique, Finesse, Intensity and, above all, Feel"

The results list:

Ritchie Blackmore 11.76%
Derek Trucks 11.55%
Jimi Hendrix 11.10%
Stevie Ray Vaughan 11.02%
Steve Morse 7.2%
Jimmy Page 5.3%
Duane Allman 4.14%
Brian May 2.55%
Gary Moore 2.45%
Eric Clapton 2.31%
Randy Rhoads 2.26%
Zoot Horn Rollo 2.18%
Yangwie Maelstreem 2.11%
David Gilmour 2.10%
Pete Townshend 2.04%
Joe Satriani 1.96%
Angus Young 1.40%
Carlos Santana 1.38%
Eddie van Halen 1.33%
Stephen Stills 1.29%
The Edge 1.24%
Steve Vai 1.23%
Bernie Marsden 1.20%
Ricky Medlocke 1.15%
Pete Kershaw 1.10%
Jan Cyrka 1.03%

Below is text from the original poll:
Greatest Guitarist Polls 2006

Following the last two years amazing Greatest Guitarist Polls we have altered the structure of this years event. We have already asked a set of well known members of the music industry to nominate their greatest guitarists, and from this we have drawn up a list of guitarists for you to choose from using a simple internet form.

All voting for Great Guitarist 2006 nominations is conducted by secret ballot and tabulated by the international auditing firm of PricewaterhouseAliceCoopers. Secrecy is maintained by the auditors - the results of balloting are not revealed until the envelopes are opened on stage during a special nominations ceremony to be held at Shay Stadium March 11th 2006 (tickets available via the usual outlets). The nominations voting panel has among its members the finest guitarists and bass players in the rock'n'roll industry The GodofGuitar 2006 Great Guitarist vote represents the best achievements of the year in the opinion of those who themselves reside at the top of their class. (The Nomination event is available on subscription to the Cableview Free internet Sharepoint portal channel)

As in 2005 we have enlisted the assistance of the Zimbabwe Election Council in order to secure a fair result. As in 2005 we have decided to use the Proportional Representation system as the chosen polling method. Mostly this was introduced because of complaints by Joe Satriani fans last year who stated that there wasn't a fair enough overall representation as they felt Joe often registered as a 2nd favourite. We will list every guitarist who has polled over 1% of the vote.

Once the nominations have been chosen we will publish the list on this site. You will have around 4 months to nominate your favourite guitarist. The result will be available on 1st August 2006.

More to follow shortly...

To view the last two years results see 2005 or 2004

Update 1st March 2006. The following guitarists have been nominated: Voting commences on 12th March 2006.Adam Jones
Adrian van den Berg
Albert Lee
Ali Farka Toure
Angus Young
B.B. King
Bernie Marsden
Bernie Torme
Bert Jansch
Bo Diddley
Brian May
Buddy Guy
Carlos Santana
Chuck Berry
Clarence White
Cliff Gallup
D. Boon
Danny Gatton
Dave ‘Clem’ Clemson
Dave Davies
David Gilmour
Derek Trucks
Dick Dale
Dickey Betts
Doug Aldrich
Duane Allman
Ed O'Brien
Eddie Cochran
Eddie Hazel
Eddie Van Halen
Eric Clapton
Frank Morino
Frank Zappa
Fred "Sonic" Smith
Freddy King
Gary Moore
George Harrison
Glen Buxton
Glen Tipton
Glenn Gould
Greg Ginn
Hank Marvin
Henry Vestine
Hubert Sumlin
Ike Turner
Jack White
James Burton
Jan Cyrka
Jannick Gers
Jeff Beck
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Miller
Jim Brodie
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Page
JJ Marsh
Joan Jett
Joe Perry
Joe Perry
Joe Satriani
John Cipollina
John Fahey
John Fogerty
John Frusciante
John McLaughlin
John Sykes
Johnny Ramone
Johnny Winter
Joni Mitchell
Jonny Greenwood
Jorma Kaukonen
Keith Richards
Kevin Shields
Kim Thayil
Kirk Hammett
KK Dowling
Kurt Cobain
Lee Ranaldo
Leigh Stephens
Les Paul
Lightnin' Hopkins
Link Wray
Lou Reed
Mark Knopfler
Mel Galley
Michael Schenker
Mick Ronson
Mickey Baker
Micky Moody
Mike Bloomfield
Mike Oldfield
Moritz von der Weide
Neil Young
Paul Kossoff
Paul Samson
Pete Kershaw
Pete Townshend
Peter Green
Randy California
Randy Rhoads
Ray Fenwick
Reb Beach
Richard Thompson
Rick Wakemann
Ricky Medlocke
Ritchie Blackmore
Ritchie Sambora
Robbie Robertson
Robby Krieger
Robert Fripp
Robert Johnson
Robert Randolph
Ron Asheton
Roy Buchanan
Ry Cooder
Scotty Moore
Snowy White
Stephen Stills
Steve Cropper
Steve Howe
Steve Morris
Steve Morse
Steve Vai
Stevie Ray Vaughan
T-Bone Walker
Ted Nugent
The Edge of U2
Thurston Moore
Tom Morello
Tom Verlaine
Tommy Bolin
Tony Iommi
Trey Anastasio
Uli Roth
Vernon Reid
Warren Haynes
Wayne Kramer
Zoot Horn Rollo

2006 Poll Reaction

Following a recent question on the last webchat, it emerges that Deep Purple may be short of a lead guitarist for the forthcoming gig at the London Astoria (UK) in January 2006. With this in mind, a whirlwind question was thrown out on the World Wide Web yesterday, asking who should be the guest guitarist if the current player is unavailable. The responses received below are quite astounding and rather worrying:
 From Hunter, in Tasmania, Australia
“If Blackmore can’t make it, then I would recommend that Purple try out Steve Morse. I’ve heard some of his recent solo stuff and I think he’d fit Purple’s style of music pretty well.”
From Chi in Singapore
“For god’s sake I do hope that Dave ‘Clem, Dave Clemmy’ Clemson is ok for the London gig. I’ve heard all his Purple stuff since Come Taste The Band. I was going to come over for the London gig specially, however if Dave is unavailable I’ll just wait till they come to the Far East later in the year. I can’t imagine Purple without him.”
From Gayle in Kings Lynn, UK
“I hope that Blackmore is replaced with the ‘Flying German’, Adrian von den Berg. His playing with Whitesnake has been incredible. I’m a huge fan of his. Adrian, pleeeeeeaaase!!!”
From Mattheus in Bochum, Germany
“I think it’s about time that Purple reverted back to having the egotistical British guitarist. The type that made them famous in the first place. My vote goes to Eddie van Halen.”
From Dale in Arkansas, US
“After 27 years, its about time Purple changed their guitarist. Hell, if that were my marriage I’d be totally nuts by now. Blackmore can play, but I’m sure Purple can play the odd gig without him. Purple should go for the younger, more virile player. With this in mind, I’d choose, Eric Clapton or Keith Richards.”
From Carrick in Richmond, Virginia, US
There’s only one player for Purple, and that’s ‘The Edge’. The greatest player from Barking, Essex (UK) since…well since, all fifty of them from Iron Maiden. Speed, finesse and taste; these are the qualities that Purple have lacked ever since Satriani left them in 1975.”
From Gosum in Beijing, China
“Me, big fan of Joe Satriani. He’s top man on guitar. Never played in Purple before, and I think he would be the perfect solution to the Blackmore cockungdrum. If Joe is not free then I would propose Michael Schenker, even though I think he is total carp.” 
From 20 Cent Man in Detroit, US
“Oh man, I’d permanently replace Blackmore with that record producer guy, Michael Huddersfield. He is one helluva player. My, he’d give Purple that hip-hop sound that they’ve missed since Stormbringer. I’ve also heard that he plans to breakdance during Highway Star and in the instrumental piece of Space Trucking he’d perform a solo moonwalk (none of that cheap Michael Jackson shit either). Michael Huddersfield is the guy for me.”