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July 2013- Greatest Guitarist results 2013 announced.  See here

July 16th 2012: Jon Lord passes away. John Blackburn, creator of says:
"Jon, your music will be celebrated and heard for so many many years ahead. One life changing moment for me in 1979 was as a 15 year old standing right in front of you whilst you played with Whitesnake. You had immense presence as a player, but also your humour and genuine personality shone through. That was a lesson in music, and a lesson in life. Thanks."

March 2012

Waiting for then initial results - can't wait

February 2012

Votes are still piling in for our 2012 poll - we're not giving anything away but old John Sherman seems to be doing pretty well!

December 2011

new 2012 greatest guitarist poll announced.  See here

October 2011

October 2011: To the "Rock God of Hammond" Jon Lord - get well soon!!

August 2011

Updated news about the Greatest Guitarist Poll 2011

April 2011

Latest news regarding the Greatest Guitarist Poll 2011

January 2011

Greatest Guitarist Poll 2011 news.  We have the latest news of this years poll to find the greatest guitarist around today.  See here

  • Confirmation that Jim and Moritz to tour in September 2011:

    Intensitys in 10 Cities: Previously announced in late 2009 as a solo project, the newly formed Adelangsts MK5's first new recording project, likely in late 2011, will consist of recording a semi live album with some of their most loyal fans, actually recorded in the front room of the fans house! Says Moritz "the idea actually came from Slade, who back in the early 1970's recorded their classic Slade Alive album on front of a few fans in a studio. The result was amazing. We thought we could take this a bit further by recording a live album in peoples living rooms. We will be selecting places within our known fan base and recording around 10 new tracks, one in each place" Jim continues "it would help if you happen to own a bloody great Georgian mansion in Somerset or something, but any old front room will do really, as long as it can accommodate the PA and monitors. We have arranged for the Proclaimers Truck mobile unit to be on hire so that this can be placed outside the houses to record." Moritz is keen to point out the potential pitfalls from not having enough parking facilities "You must be able to park a couple of large lorries outside your house, I mean the mobile is pretty big, but also there is the transport for all the kit, and somewhere we'll need the bands touring coach. This kind of detail needs to be examined before anywhere is chosen". Jim continues "the reality is, you really do need to have a big enough room with parking facilities for all our touring faction. I haven't even considered catering and all that. I guess those of you living in 4 bedroom housing built over the past 40 years or so better forget it".

    Those involved in this concept better expect the full throttle approach of Jim and Moritz. "We aren't going to hang back just because we are in your front room. We'll be strutting our stuff and the guitars will probably end up above our heads and around our ankles as usual. You'd better lock up your Lladro" says Moritz. We'll be giving it our all."
    If anyone is interested in being included for this "Intensity in 10 sitting rooms" tour please email Jim Brodie at

    New website launched. says Jim "we had consultants working for months on the new design, hope you like it. It better improve our ratings because I'm completely skint now"

    December 2010:

    Moritz getting ready for touring fitness: :  Here is a recent shot of Moritz as he prepares for a set of gigs in 2011. Says Moritz. "You have to be 100% fit to play a gig. This is especially important if I'm going to try any of those old Adelangst stunts. The wire we used to walk across at the start of a gig could only take 30 stones in weight, and Jim and I, well Jim especially, started at times to head towards that limit between the two of us. Jim usually weighs in at around 15 stone, so I had to try to make sure I didn't beat that, or else we would have ended up on the floor in a bit of a mess, instead of doing that wonder somersault."
    What's with the fitness machine Moritz? "I always take around 3 months to get up to full fitness before a gig or tour. I'm a bit out of shape at the moment so I've started a bit earlier as a result. As well as this I usually go for an early morning run just before lunch. Most of our studio time is allocated from 6pm as Jim and I always work better in the evenings."

    November 2010:

    Qatar get the 2022 world cup: Moritz von der Weide is very happy that Qatar has been chosen as the venue for the 2022 football world cup "I've alot of friends there and I've no doubt that Adelangst will be chosen to do a gig to coincide with the main events during the tournament.    I would just like it to be known by the way that our drummer Steele Stem has been cured and is no longer gay."

    October 2010

    Fake Adelangst Warning: please note the following advert which has been posted to all websites and rock magazines warning of a fake Adelangst reunion that apparntly features Klaus Fuchs from the MK2 version of the band.

    The Following STARS WILL NOT PERFORM at the

    Adelangst Concert at the

    London O2 Arena proposed for February 2010

    Jim Brodie

    Moritz von der Weide

    Steele Stem

    Malcolm Hudson

    Glynn Hawes

    Alan Hasner

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