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06.05.09: After five hard months graft in the studio Jim Brodie has finally allowed to to release an initial demo version of Highway Star featuring his version of the solo that won last years Greatest Guitarist poll.  It is here for download, enjoy!

08.01.09: In true timely style Jim Brodie has announced that tracks from his Winter Carrots album are available now free and online from here.  Jim is now working on his own version of Deep Purple's Highway Star, indeed he's finished it once however there was some trouble in the studio has Moritz arrived during a break from his addition clinic (Moritz is addicted to German Salami, in case you didn't know) and proceeded to pour the contents of his catheter all over the 28bit digital tape unit, thus rendering the whole recording useless.  As you can imagine Jim was not impressed.  He has decided therefore to start again on the recording next week and hope that it will be completed shortly as long as "Moritz doesn't piss all over it again.". 

27.12.08: We are proud to announce that Ritchie Blackmore has been declared the greatest guitarist for 2008 - for the 5th year running.  Well done Ritchie. .

20.11.08; Poll Closed: the 2008 Greatest Guitaist debate is now closed.  You can expect the results before the new year - don't bother emailing us for hints about who might win, we don't know ourselves!  The godofguitar computer centre is already at the job compiling the data - see this video from last year for further details about this aspect.
24.11.08: Jim Brodie has yet again re-released his Winter Carrots CD.  You can see a youtube video of his "Deck the Halls" here.  Also audio versions of all this fantastic music are available at

11.08.08: Posted today: "Welcome to's 5th annual Poll to find the worlds greatest guitarist.  As usual it's open to the general public.  This year we have changed the format completely.  We are no longer voting for a guitarist directly but for a specific well known solo.  We've already been through several voting rounds with well known experts and guitar professionals to narrow the list down 10 specific pieces we have here.  We have however still retained the rule that the poll only covers living guitarists.  The Poll officially opens on August 10th 2008 and closes on Saturday 20th December 2007.  The results will be announced by the new year." 

As usual we asked the international auditing firm Pricewaterhousealicecoopers to tabulate and audit the results.  The results of the main ballot will be audited by KMPG and CSNY. 

So, we've ended up with a list of 10 classic guitar solos which you have to choose from.  We know plenty of you will complain that your guitarist isn't included, but we feel we have gone the extra mile this time with the pre voting rounds. 

To vote for your favourite guitar solo fill out the form below.  Please vote only once.  Good luck!

10.08.08: New Guitarist Poll coming  very soon!

2007 Research has shown that many internet sites are deliberately encouraging people who have suicidal tendencies. In view of this has taken the decision to remove all references on this site relating to both Joe Satriani and Gary Moore, in case vulnerable people come across any material which could be classed as distressing (one example being the guitar tab to 'Empty Rooms')

12.02.08: Most famous fans will know about this already however can now formally relase the news that Moritz von der Weide's addiction to spicy germanic sausauges has NOT led to any major complications - he's just not feeling very well at the moment.  This has led to him being unavailable to complete the last episode of  The Guitar God Delusion  which I'm sure you're all very unhappy about.   Hopefully more news soon

21.02.08: we have heard a few rumours that Jim Brodie will be joining former Deep Purple bass player Glenn Hughes at the Deep Purple convention being held in Bedford on May 3rd 2008.  We would like to stall the rush for tickets for this event by stating that Jim will not be attending this event.

05.01.08: Jim  Brodie was so touched by the X factor winner, Leon Jackson, this year he has paid tribute to him by doing an instrumental version of his current hit "When you believe" via a video on Youtube which can you find here.  Says Jim "I always watch the X factor when I can depending upon tour and band committments and I love the show.  This year was really great and Leon came from no-where really to win it.  It was amazing.  I wish him all the success in the future".

17.12.07: We at acknowledge that this years votes for the Greatest Guitarist Poll were very close indeed.  Following a barrage of complaints from Ritchie Blackmore and Eddy Grant fans about the results of the Greatest Guitarist Poll 2007 we have decided to do a recount of the votes and are delighted to announce that Jim Brodie will be personally attending the GodofGuitar datacentre in Reading to oversee that the process takes place fairly and that no intervention has taken place to incorrectly tarnish the outcome.   All being well we should be posting a video of this event tomorrow showing again true transparency in the voting process.  We expect the results on Wednesday at the earliest. 

11.12.07: To all readers wanting information about the Greatest Guitarist Poll 2007: We have had to do a recount here at as there was an unexpected avalanche of votes during the last 3 days, we want to ensure that all relevant votes are cast and bearing in mind the recent criticisms of the BBC and ITV network we thought we'd better take extra precautions.  The result will now be announced on Friday evening 14th December.

02.12.07: With only 6 days to go now until the Greatest Guitarist Poll 2007 is announced we have been in touch with the Ritchie Blackmore's management (Carole Stevens)  and have forwarded some of the amazing comments people have posted on the poll which Carole has sent direct onto Ritchie.  Carole says "

Here are a small sample of some of the comments from the Poll about Ritchie Blackmore that have been sent to him.  We particularly liked "He is the total opposite of generic" sent in by Svilen Trifonov.  We wish Ritchie all the best and good luck in the Poll!  Don't forget, results on Sunday evening (9th December):

he s the number one
because, he's the most fluid and talented. and he wasn't afraid to go for it 10 years ago and play what he wanted to play.
after all these years and still rocking like nobody can. whether its deep purple, rainbow or blackmores night the proof is in the pudding 
He is "the god".
because of 31 years of listening and nothing better!
It's friggin Blackmore.... thats all you need right!!
Very expressive, riff master, father to one of the greatest and underrated bands in the world (being Rainbow) fantastic improvisor ect ect its all been said im sure. GO BLACKMORE!!! whoo hoo
He is absolut the best
Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night ... What can I say ...???
God is still alive .
I made the choice because "Ritchie Blackmore" is a god on earth. His golden hands are unbeatable. That's my opinion because I am a really huge fan of his work he did with any of his bands in the past and now.
Ritchie has been my favourite guitar player for years. Not only does he play guitar like no one else, but he is one of the greatest songwriters in the world. He is the total opposite of "generic".
I beginnig to play guitar, because t saw Ritchie Blackmore. And it's change my life. Big thaks to Ritchie.
His playing touches my soul
Ritchie Blackmore is the god of guitarplaying......
He´s been number one for me since Purple and to today´s Blackmores Night.
ritchie continues to be the guitarist by wich all others are measured.just check out the new blackmore night paris moon dvd.

25.11.07: Part 4 of the Guitar God Delusion now available on itunes,

22.11.07: We have under 20 days now before the greatest guitarist Poll 2007 is announced on 10th December . Anyone who hasn't participated needs to vote now.  Please note that the Zimbabwe election monitoring team will be looking for discrepancies so please do not cause us a last minute hiccup and delay the vote.  We subscribe to Voting by the rules of Section 5 Clause 9 of the Online Voting Subscriptions Act 2006 (one of Tony Blairs finest legislative moves). Rumour has it that previous winner, Ritchie Blackmore, is no longer the front runner despite an early lead.
11.11.07: The Latest Jim Brodie video from Winter Carrots is available here.
09.10.07: The re-release of Jim Brodie's Winter Carrots CD has now been formally announced and a new track has been made available for download here.  Enjoy!
07:10:07: Jim Brodie releases his tribute to Status Quo and Lieutenant Pigeon here
03.10.07: Great news for those people who missed it last year... Jim Brodie's Winter Carrots collection will be re-released shortly for the up coming Christmas Holiday season.  It will feature a few new tracks, one of which  "God rest you merry Gentleman" should be available for download shortly. 
17.05.07: Voting is now taking place in the Greatest Guitarist Poll 2007 - a bit earlier than announced!
17.03.07: The Greatest Guitarist Poll 2007 has been announced.
03.02.07 Jim Brodie presents a new video about Miming Technique.

23.03.06 Due to a recent stringent revision of immigration visa controls, the Zimbabwean Election Monitors will be unable to supervise the 2006 greatest guitarist poll. With this in mind, and in view of wishing to maintain total impartiality with regards to the voting results, the Belorussian Election Monitoring Commitee has agreed to undertake this role with immediate effect. 

17.03.06 We have had further complaints to the site that our nominations don’t include Ywingie Mailstorm.  Again we would point out that we used industry leaders to create the nominations, however due to the exceptional demand for the inclusion of Ywingie, we have agreed to include him as from today.

14.03.06: Rory Gallagher missing off the Greatest Guitarist 2006 Poll list: It has been pointed out that Rory is missing!  This has now been resolved.  Jim and Moritz would like to point out that it wasn't their final choice of runners up, however they can veto any of the decisions, so they have decided to include Rory. 

21.02.06: Launch of the2006 Greatest Guitarist Poll

12.02.06: A history of the Gibson 5G - new Guitar Tek article.

04.02.06: A history of the Fender Strat - new Guitar Tek article.

04.02.06: Jerry Asbo provides his insight into the Classic California Jam concert of 1974.

26.01.06: New Adelangst Album, Village Idiote, has gone straight into the charts in Estonia at number 118.  Press reaction has been very good so far with Dave Bling scoring it a 5 star album in "Классическая Скала" magazine.  Following the release in Japan and Europe the album will be released sometime later this year in the USA, however in the meantime our USA fans can get imports direct from the UK from the usual retailers.  Itunes downloads will follow shortly.    It has already been released in India with a bonus track called "Once in a blue moon".   The album was produced by Michael Dewsbury.  The full track listing is as follows

1. Toe Grabber Too
2. In too Deep
3. Bring your door to the Slaughter
4. Money
5. Morse Code
6. ITV
7. Rainbow Shadows
8. Save all my love for U
9. Don't tamp with my Amp
10. Right Man
12. Smurfing with the Alien (swedish remix)
13 Effervescent Phychonovely No 6
14. Once in a blue moon (Indian Version only)

25.01.06:  Guitar Tek: Want to know more about electric guitars?  Then this is the place for you.  How to play, how to buy, types of guitars, adjusting pickups and strings and most importantly how to best store a guitar in the attic.  If you have any requests for this section please contact us.

25.01.06: New Q&A Led Zep vs Deep Purple (again!)

17.01.06: Neither Jim Brodie or Moritz von der Weide will be playing at the London Astoria tonight.  We have been inundated with emails asking if one or both will be playing.  Sorry to disappoint but both players are still around the other side of the globe doing some final work on the new album, Village Idiote.

13.01.06: The Great Rock Guitars Page is to appear soon.  Following our tradition here at we are creating a page which describes great guitar types, such as the Telecaster, Stratocaster, SG and Fitzroy.  We will describe the qualities of these great guitars and also discuss the great guitarists who play them.  If you have any particular suggestions of guitars that should be included then please contact us.

06.01.06: Jim Brodie is happy to annouce a new DVD of his amazing guitar technique.  It is called "Three handed tapping Techniques" and you can see more about it on our product endorsements page

02.01.06: Jim and Moritz got together at Jim's hideaway on Easter Island in December primarily to discuss the impending release of their new album "Village Idiote".  Taff Haddock was on hand as usual and he persuaded them to record a quick video especially for their fans on  Jim decided to play a traditional Christmas tune and Moritz agreed to sing along, although he did need the words in front of him (don't forget he is German!).  The video can be found here.  Afterwards Jim and Moritz were videoed giving an exclusive interview to the Catholic Herald's Geoff Humber about the new album.  These interviews are available on request only (see below)  Note: if you want a full DVD quality version of this video, including the interviews with Jim and Moritz, please email us a request to

Older Archive News

21.01.07: We are pleased to announce that Jim Brodie will be appearing as the backing act for the forthcoming Rainbow UK tour.  Jim will be playing tracks from his Winter Carrots CD and hopes that Ritchie Blackmore may join him during a couple of songs "I'll probably ask him to play We Wish you a Merry Christmas, which he also did on his last record".  Jim continues "I've never played at York Opera House before, however I know Ritchie has played there over the past few years many times.  It'll be fantastic to be touring with one of my all time heroes".   You can get tickets and venue information here.  The dates arranged so far are as follows:

Wed 11 Apr   Beck Theatre
Sat 14 Apr   King George's Hall
Sun 20 May   Grand Opera House
Tue 29 May   Southport Theatre & Floral Hall
Sat 2 Jun   New Theatre (formerly Apollo Theatre)

17.01.07: Jim's new advice video. 

13.01.07: New Feature - Famous quotes from the GodofGuitar team

04.01.07: The three download tracks available on Youtube are also available in full digitally remastered editions from LastFM.

24.12.06: Jim Brodie's "We wish you a merry Christmas" video is now available from youtube here.

23.12.06: Moritz von der Weide has issued the following statement  "To all my fans around the world,  Following the incessant rumours in the music and movie press, I would like to inform you that I will not be participating in any type of David Coverdale movie project with regards to the proposed children's fantasy 'The Lion, the Witch and the Whitesnake album'.  After careful consideration, I felt that this project lacked the high level of credibility to which my fans have become accustomed.  Merry x-mas to you all"

Thanks to the open communications between the fans and Ritchie's Managment-he has received many of the comments that were posted on this poll and he is thankful to all his fans for taking the time to write in 

19.12.06: A further taster track from Winter Carrots coming soon!

27.11.06 Arthur Mullard removed from Classic Mallard album cover.    Reports are coming in that merchandise sold at certain popular retail outlets includes a Mallard tee shirt with Arthur Mullards face missing from the album design.    Adelangsts current manager Taff Haddock has been in touch with Ernst Fuchs the original Adelangst manager, both of whom are shocked by this.  As Ernst says “It stinks, we can’t understand why they wanted to get rid of Arthur Mullard, we want him reinstated immediately.  I think this is likely to be the work of  Klaus Fuchs and Ralph Jenkins the ex Adelangst members who have started up their own rival Adelangst which they are calling Mark 3”.  [see history for more about these two rogues]

The original Mallard cover was designed by Moritz von der Weide.  Moritz remembers, "this was a bit of a balls up really.  Jim had wanted to name the LP after his favourite actor Arthur Mullard, however being a relative foreigner I'd never heard of him so I thought he said the dedication and name of the LP would be Mallard.  Well you can imagine Jims face when I first showed him the cover, a great picture of a duck surrounded by naked young women (a bit like Electric Ladyland, only with a duck in the middle, cool eh?).  Well he was very upset indeed, and the LP might have been called off at that moment if it wasn't for some fine work from the London Graphics Company who superimposed a picture of Arthur Mullard with the duck.  We had to lose all those naked women though, which was a shame.  I enjoyed the photo shoot with the duck and naked women mind you, but that's another story, Ducky!  Anyway, our first LP sleeve was a disaster and this 2nd one was at least designed and planned by both Jim and myself, even though most people were dumbfounded by it".

13.11.06 Following two of Jim Brodie's songs being released on our download page (and YouTube) we can now announce that an ex member of Rainbow also appears on the album.  Jim has been in negotiation with his agent for months and he only recently became available for a session at our Adelangst Towers studios.  Jim says "We only had a few hours in the end, but you can see the class shine through on the track, it's a classic, pure genius"  We will be revealing shortly which ex-member is to feature on the album (there are STILL a few contractual issues to sort out). 

16.10.06 Jim Brodie will shortly be releasing his Christmas Album entitled "Winter Carrots" which will be issued at the end of November.  It features Jim's classic MOR (More of Rock) hard rock interpretations of many favourite carols.  As Jim says "The holiday season has always left me with a dull feeling in the back of my skull, all that tinsel and goodwill is enough to get any good rocking metaller down, so I've decided to rip up the genre somewhat and do a good hard rocking album but using carol tunes in my own MOR style"  A track listing will be available shortly and this site will be putting a clip of "O Come All Ye Faithful" on the site shortly..   An excerpt from Come all ye Faithful is available here

09.10.06 Jim Brodie is shortly due to launch his latest DVD.  This time he is going to concentrate on that most electric of topic, Guitar Feedback.  Called "Guitar Feedback Gods" it describes how greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Ted Nugent, Gary Moore, Robert Fripp  and the guy from Mogwai achieve feedback and why their styles have made them greats in this field. 

17.09.06: An excerpt from Jim Brodie's latest guitar lesson DVD is available .

17.08.06: 2006 Poll Results

14.07.06: sorry it has been a bit quiet of late at Adelangst Towers, but we've been working closely with the Belorussian Election Monitoring Committee to ensure that the results of the Greatest Guitarist Poll 2006 is a fair and proper representation of the votes cast.  There is now only a few weeks left.  The results will be available and announced via videolink broadcast around the world at 2am GMT on Saturday 5th August (sorry to our British fans for the timing here, this is the only available slot on the KXGH-34 satellite).   Recent voting has been very strong and we can announce that we do have a front runner.  We are aware that Lord Chevy has been arrested by police on suspicion of vote rigging.  We would point out that the arrest of Lord Chevy is in no way connected with this site and the rumours on some websites of us accepting "cash for votes" for the Greatest Guitarist Poll 2006 is complete nonsense.  Lord Chevy was apparently caught "in the act" as it were at his mansion in Hertfordshire wearing green tights and a pointed wizard type hat.  When quizzed about this odd behaviour Lord Chevy said "The result has been a media circus, which has distracted from the issues under consideration, thank God" he added.  "Anyway Steve Vai is bound to win anyway".

16.06.06: Plans are in "an advanced state" for release of a solo single by Moritz von der Weide to coincide with the football world cup.  It's apparently going to be a version of Renegade Nuns with some different words which will bring in various famous current English soccer stars.  We gather that lots of famous footballers have been seen round at Adelangst Towers recently for the recording.  More soon......  You can find the words to the original version of Renegade Nuns here, any suggestions for football related alterations?

15.06.06: With just a few weeks now to go until the announcement of our 2006 Great Guitarist Poll we are happy to announce that we have a new clear front runner.  Although we are not able to confirm who exactly this is, we can confirm that it isn't Eddy Grant, although Eddy has been doing quite well since we started up the debate about the guitar solo on his song "I don't wanna dance" (see news below) even though we are sure he doesn't actually play on it!    Also we apologise for the absence of Peter Frampton in the list, which has been mentioned by a few people.  If there is a 2007 Poll we will ensure his entry.

28.05.06: Did Eddie Van Halen play the solo on Eddy Grants I don't wanna dance? 
Following our recent news posting (29.3.6) we've had numerous people suggesting that a variety of famous guitarists actually played the solo which is uncredited on the single.  The song was voted in the top 10 of great guitar solos of all time.  The current favourite though is Eddie Van Halen as he was apparently around at the time of the original recording and also alleged to be a great fan of Eddy's.  Maybe someone out there recognises his style on the recording or can confirm this?

28.05.06: Jeff Barton's interview with Moritz  video -

27.05.06 Following a recent question on the last webchat, it emerges that Deep Purple may be short of a lead guitarist for the forthcoming gig at the London Astoria (UK) in January 2006. With this in mind, a whirlwind question was thrown out on the World Wide Web yesterday, asking who should be the guest guitarist if the current player is unavailable. The responses received below are quite astounding and rather worrying:
 From Hunter, in Tasmania, Australia
“If Blackmore can’t make it, then I would recommend that Purple try out Steve Morse. I’ve heard some of his recent solo stuff and I think he’d fit Purple’s style of music pretty well.”
From Chi in Singapore
“For god’s sake I do hope that Dave ‘Clem, Dave Clemmy’ Clemson is ok for the London gig. I’ve heard all his Purple stuff since Come Taste The Band. I was going to come over for the London gig specially, however if Dave is unavailable I’ll just wait till they come to the Far East later in the year. I can’t imagine Purple without him.”
From Gayle in Kings Lynn, UK
“I hope that Blackmore is replaced with the ‘Flying German’, Adrian von den Berg. His playing with Whitesnake has been incredible. I’m a huge fan of his. Adrian, pleeeeeeaaase!!!”
From Mattheus in Bochum, Germany
“I think it’s about time that Purple reverted back to having the egotistical British guitarist. The type that made them famous in the first place. My vote goes to Eddie van Halen.”
From Dale in Arkansas, US
“After 27 years, its about time Purple changed their guitarist. Hell, if that were my marriage I’d be totally nuts by now. Blackmore can play, but I’m sure Purple can play the odd gig without him. Purple should go for the younger, more virile player. With this in mind, I’d choose, Eric Clapton or Keith Richards.”
From Carrick in Richmond, Virginia, US
There’s only one player for Purple, and that’s ‘The Edge’. The greatest player from Barking, Essex (UK) since…well since, all fifty of them from Iron Maiden. Speed, finesse and taste; these are the qualities that Purple have lacked ever since Satriani left them in 1975.”
From Gosum in Beijing, China
“Me, big fan of Joe Satriani. He’s top man on guitar. Never played in Purple before, and I think he would be the perfect solution to the Blackmore cockungdrum. If Joe is not free then I would propose Michael Schenker, even though I think he is total carp.” 
From 20 Cent Man in Detroit, US
“Oh man, I’d permanently replace Blackmore with that record producer guy, Michael Huddersfield. He is one helluva player. My, he’d give Purple that hip-hop sound that they’ve missed since Stormbringer. I’ve also heard that he plans to breakdance during Highway Star and in the instrumental piece of Space Trucking he’d perform a solo moonwalk (none of that cheap Michael Jackson shit either). Michael Huddersfield is the guy for me.”

22.05.06: A reader has suspected an error with our critical career review page with the Dave Gilmour write up.  See Q&A

19.05.06 Jim Brodie has been invited to GuitarFest 2006 which takes place on Sunday 24th September 2006 at the Cocks Moors Woods Centre in Birmingham ).  Also appearing will be Michael Schenker, Jennifer Baton, Bernie Marsden and many more.   We're not sure if Jim is going to actually play a set or if he's just there to promote his latest Guitar Tuition DVD "The Great Guitar Riffs" where he provides advice on playing the 10 greatest guitar riffs of all time.  More soon.

11.05.06: We've been contacted by Vera Wells who advises that one of the guitarists who is currently featured on our Greatest Guitarist Poll 2006, Derek Trucks,  is currently driving up and down the UK in an Eddie Stobart vehicle.  Vera works for Moto service stations and has seen Derek  on numerous occasions.  "Sometimes he stops overnight.  If you walk near to the Stobart vehicle you can hear amazing guitar noises coming from the cockpit.  I've voted for him on the Poll as a result".  An interesting one for any Eddie spotters out there.

10.05.06: Did Steve Vai play the solo on Eddy Grants I don't wanna dance? 
Following our recent news posting (29.3.6) we've had numerous people suggesting that a variety of famous guitarists actually played the solo which is uncredited on the single.  The song was voted in the top 10 of great guitar solos of all time.  The current favourite though is Steve Vai as he was apparently around at the time of the original recording and also alleged to be a great fan of Eddy's.  Maybe someone out there recognises his style on the recording or can confirm this?

09.05.05: Following the huge success of Jim Brodie's latest guitar tuition DVD Jim has agreed to produce a DVD which specifically deals with the most famous guitar riffs of all time.  The DVD will be available in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese.  Moritz Von Der Weide has agreed to supply some of the explanatory speech whilst Jim will be demonstrating the world famous guitar riffs and how to play them. 

21.04.06: 'The BEM have uncovered a plot by desperate Steve Vai fans to hack into the 2006 Polling database. Blatant protocol breaches have been identified by the BEM, after complaints were received from Mike Oldfield fans, stating that after having voted for Mike as their number one player, a message was then sent back to the sender saying "Thank you for voting for Steve Vai". The BEM assure us that additional firewalls are now in place and the matter is now resolved. Future votes for Steve Vai will be closely scrutinised for irregularities

12.04.06:  Latest comment on the progress of the 2006 Greatest Guitarist Poll. We have been informed by the Belarussian Electoral Monitors (BEM) that there are clear irregularities and inconsistencies between the voting for Duane Allman and Doug Aldrich. The BEM comment as follows: "In the last 3 weeks there has been over 250 votes being cast as a first preference for Duane Allman with the overall general comment being made that Duane is the finest guitarist in the 29 year history of Whitesnake. The majority of these votes have been cast from continental Europe. We would like to clarify that Doug Aldrich is, in fact, the current lead guitarist with Whitesnake, and that Duane Allman is the legendary lead guitarist with the Eagles" The BEM request that all career details of your favourite guitarist are checked prior to the vote being cast.  

10.04.06 Since announcing the "Top Guitar solos of all time" (see article below) we have been inundated by requests to find out who exactly was the guitarist on Eddy Grants "I Don't wanna dance".  We have insider information that it was in fact a very famous guitarist who was having to remain anonymous in order not to upset his record company.  If anyone has any information about who may have played this emotional and blistering solo please contact us

29.03.06: The Minsk Telegraph has voted Deep Purple's Burn as having the best guitar solo of all time.  The anthem beat the likes of Renegade Nuns by Adelangst and Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Chile to best air guitar moment.  Other tracks on the top 10 include the amazing Eddy Grant in "I don't wanna Dance".  The newspapers editor Izace Rzabslatot says "I'm not suprised Ritchie is up there with Burn, it's a brilliant track".

The full 10 top as follows

1 - Burn (Deep Purple)
2 - Hi Ho Silver Lining (Jeff Beck)
3 - Bat out of Hell (Meatloaf)
  4 - Fanfare for the Common Man (ELP)
5 - Stargazer (Rainbow)
6 - Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix)
7 - Highway Star (Deep Purple)
8 - Still I'm Sad (Rainbow)
9 - Black Dog (Led Zeppelin)
10 - I don't wanna dance (Eddy Grant)


23.03.06: Jim Brodies Chord Guide avaialble online

23.03.06 New Q&A - should you scallop the guitar with the strings on?