Archive News 2004/2005

31.12.05: Sorry to all the fans who have been attending our site waiting for the Christmas message from Jim and Moritz.  This WILL appear very shortly, there has just been some problems with the 28bit digital remastering process.  The video will be available in two formats.  The contents are secret, however I can reveal that it consists of Jim and Moritz singing a very popular English Christmas tune (Moritz didn't know the words because he isn't English so he had to have them printed out in front of him).  I am sure that the goodwill and positive vibes of Christmas will be felt when we release this video very soon.  Please stop clogging up our email with questions about this video - especially the famous fans (and even more especially that Paul Whitelass bloke).

28.12.05: Coming soon - a special Christmas video message from Moritz and Jim.

19.12.05: Following a recent question on the last webchat, it emerges that Deep Purple may be short of a lead guitarist for the forthcoming gig at the London Astoria (UK) in January 2006. With this in mind, a whirlwind question was thrown out on the World Wide Web yesterday, asking who should be the guest guitarist if the current player is unavailable. The responses received  are quite astounding.

06.12.05 Following last years successful webchat, Moritz and Jim agreed to take part in another on line conversation, in association with The German Country Life Magazine.   The webchat took place on the magazines website on December 1st 2005.  Here are some highlights.  Thanks to Reg Fassbinder for allowing us to reproduce the webchat :

23.11.05: Due to advertising commitments for his signature catheter, Moritz von der Weide will be unable to appear in a television documentary based around the bands 2nd album "Mallard".  In his place Taff Haddock will appear temporarily.  Taff reports "I don't mind being Moritz but you won't get me shagging no amps mate, no way.  I hope they don't want me to play the guitar though as I can't play for toffee. Mind you in Moritz's case maybe that's about right!"

21.11.05: Tour reports - read the initial reports from the tour here.  We will be posting some photos of the tour for Christmas.

21.11.05: Following the amazing 2005 Adelangst have gone straight into the Studio to record their 3rd Studio album, which is entitled "Village Idiot".  They are hoping to limit the studio time so that the album is fresh and not too overproduced.  Their producer Michael Dewsbury has ordered that every song should be limited to 17 takes, which is something of a challenge.  21.11.05: An amazing tape as been unearthed of sessions during old Adelangst rehersals.  One song, called "Surfing the Alien" was recorded when Joe Satriani was hanging out in the studio, and it is rumoured that he appears on the track.  More soon.....

27.10.05: Tour news:  Some of you have contacted us after recent gigs wondering why there was a man dressed as a beaver frolicking around the stage at certain points during the gig.  Well there is a reason.  It has something to do with the next album.  All will be revealed shortly.  In the meantime Jim and Moritz would like to thank fans for their understanding with some of the odd venues which our promoter (who has now disappeared with the money) organised.  We will be doing a full review of the tour (including your reviewsposted here) when the US leg is finished.  Fans wanting to provide pictures of the tour please emailthem to us.  Our IT guy said they are best off as "Jake the Peg" or something, not sure what he meant.

20.10.05: As they start their first tour for 13 years Jim and Moritz have announced that a new Album will be available from early next year.  Entitled "Village Idiot" it contains new tracks from both guitarists and also some cover versions of very famous rock tunes.  More news will appear shortly.  In the meantime Adelangst are on tour NOW!  Please remember to post your reviews  We will be posting a full set of your reviews from November 20th when we will be back from our US leg, including the amazing California Jam gig. 

20.10.05: Jim Brodie's revolutionary signature banana shaped guitar slide.

On the eve of Adelangst's In-Continent Tour Jim Brodie has announced his full endorsement of the revolutionary carbon fibre banana shaped guitar slide.  Said to increase reverberations 10 fold on certain models of guitar, this wonderful yellow guitar slide has also been given the defining signatory treatment by Jim Brodie, as each of the guitar slides is carefully engraved using an Extra Fine  Water Resistant Non Xyene and non-porous permanent signature.  Of the new slide Jim says "It is a hefty, no-compromise tool that features unsurpassed tone and control. It can be easily put between the teeth within around 2 seconds when not in use.  Although this makes you look a bit like a clown with a huge smile,  it then leaves all the fingers free for unencumbered, conventional playing. It works so well because of the unique carbon fibre design: the initial small probe section section remains in place using a small finger strap, and the main yellow "shaft" section can be easily rotated using the thumb. The move is done with one hand, so quickly that it doesn't interrupt a solo, although you have to be a jolly good player to master this technique."  

Jim Brodie - The signature of excellence Jim Brodie Signature Banana Guitar Slide
Retail Price:    US $ 730.00 (available from most reputable outlets)
Technical Design - Mary Remnant and her Renaissance Experience Support Team
Colour - Banana Yellow Length - 7 inches
Material - Carbon Fibre (Xeon coating)
Weight - 26 grams


19.10.05: Moritz announces his new Signature Guitar Pick: "As we prepare for the new 2005 world tour, I can think of no better way than for me to hide away in my studio and play by myself for a few hours. The amount of pleasure this guitar pick has given to me over the last few weeks is indescribable. I only hope that the new Moritz von der Weide Signature Guitar Pick will allow you to explore your musical dreams in greater detail and help in you achieving greater enjoyment from your instrument. This Guitar Pick should only be used for those high speed Mozart arpeggio type solos, which demand technical excellence and complete overall control. If you're into all that Eddie van Halen twiddly nonsense, this is not the Pick for you. I've only tried this Pick out on my customised Eric Clapton Signature Strat (see picture), and I can only say that the performance and sound has blown me away. I look forward to seeing all my fans over the next few months. All the best!!"

Moritz von der Weide - The signature of excellence
Moritz von der Weide Signature Guitar Pick
Retail Price:    US $ 359.99 (available from most reputable outlets)
  • Technical Design - Mary Remnant and her Renaissance Experience Support Team
  • Colour - Olympic Blue
  • Length - 4 inches
  • Material - Renaissance Tortoise Shell
  • Weight - 4 grams

18.10.05: New Adelangst 2005 tour gig review form

15.10.05: With only 5 days to go before the start of the In Continent tour things are getting quite fraught here at Adelangst Towers.  The tickets for the California Jam on November 17th have been selling very well indeed.  We would however like to remind fans of the following special information about this unique gig (originally posted back in May):   Fans will recall that the band were setting up the first ever gig based at the famous Ontario Speedway stadium.  This gig is now confirmed but there is a bit of a problem with it.  The promoter really screwed up the organisation as the licence for the event was deemed to be a speedway race instead of a rock concert.  Jim and Moritz are discussing a way of getting around this by playing the gig whilst being driven on motorbikes going around the track and the gig in total will be broadcast all around the circuit.  The audience will be positioned on the straights where they will end hearing all of the gig and seeing Jim and Moritz fly past every 3.5 minutes (or better if the riders can manage it).  I know it doesn't sound very "Rock'n'Roll", but it may be the best way for our American fans to see us as gigs are so limited over there (due to Jim Brodies restrictions in America).
Note that tickets for this event be limited to the first 300,000 people only.

14.10.05: We've had some feedback from our Greatest Guitarists 2005 poll that there is an error.  Apparently Jimmy Page is not "the late Jimmy Page" as we have indicated. We would like to apologise for this error.  However Andrew Fallaize has questioned whether Steve Morse has really left Deep Purple.  We would point out that the fact that Ritchie Blackmore has not stated he does NOT play on the latest "Rupture of the Spleen", which is apparently their latest album title.  So we are unsure about these facts.  We have also heard that David Gilmore has apparently been offered the job as the new Deep Purple guitarist, however these reports are still unsubstantiated at present.  The cash tills will be at the ready, either for his Charitable donations or presumably for the introduction to "Money" of which you can hear more of here.   We can however report that Gary Moore is certainly NOT going to be the next Deep Purple guitarist, on account of the fact they occasionally play in hot Bombay, and Gary is worried about losing so much weight through sweating on stage he might well perspire away!  If anyone else finds any errors please email us

01.10.05: Great Guitarist poll 2005 results.

30.09.05: One day to go.  Who will be the greatest guitarist of 2005?

24.09.05: Now just one week to go the results are coming in thick and fast.  Our man on the scene at the mainframe collection office is the legendary former editor of The Catholic Herald, Jeff Barton  "We thought the 2004 debate was intense, but this year, without doubt, we've had the most critical debate in rock history.  We've had over 50,000 votes cast and there's still a week to go.  It's quite complicated as this year it was decided to utilise the Proportional Representation System advocated by the Liberal Democratic party.  Mostly this was introduced because of complaints by Steve Vai fans last year that there wasn't a fair enough overall representation as they felt Steve often registered as a 2nd favourite.  The results will be verified by the Zimbabwean Election Monitoring Commission who have flown in especially for the month.  It is hoped that counting will begin at midnight on October 1st and hopefully the results will be announced on the website by that evening.  We're going to list every guitarist who has polled over 1% of the vote.  Hopefully we'll be able to get a few words from the winner as well.  At the moment it's looking like we have a clear winner, but with this system anything is possible."
As we've said below,
the results will be posted exclusively on this web site before going to national music press. 

14.09.05: Jeff Beck joins our guitar greats career reviews.

12.09.05: With just two weeks to go before our Top Guitarist 2005 Poll results are announced we are delighted to say that nearly 50,000 votes have now been cast.  It's looking like a fairly close fight up at the top, so keep the votes coming in.  We're delighted to get assistance with the counting from the Zimbabwe Vote  Monitoring Panel who will be doing the counting officially from midnight on 1st October.  The results will be posted exclusively on this web site before going to national music press. 

04.09.05: Adelangst have setup a new streaming radio service via LastFM with the support of their new record company Boulevard records.  There are currently two tracks available via this service.  First of all there is the classic 20 minutes version of Toe Grabber from the "Frog" sessions.  Also available for the first time is the full 22 minutes of the Concrete Ambient creation "Measuring Time Intervals part 1".   (if you don't know what Fog(3)B is please read our history section).  Obviously the recording quality is at times poor, but these rare recordings, available for the first time, are just a small selection of the tracks that will be made available through this service.  Future releases are likely to be charged for at around £4.50 a track, however these two have been made available Free of Charge for a limited period. 

28.07.05 God of Guitar David Gilmore career review.  We would like to introduce a new feature to the site where famous guitarists are reviewed by our astute contributors.  To kick things off here is Hamish Doonen's fantastic review of the career of the amazing David Gilmore. 

26.07.05: Taff haddock to tour?  Following the amazing success of Taff haddocks "Ask Taff" webpage on this site Taff has been approached by a promoter to do a UK tour (same people that did Tony Benn last year apparently).   You recall that Taff was a roadie for Adelangst throughout most of their career, and he is happy to offer advice on amps, duck tape, band relationships, and so on.  Called "A one Roadie Show" we believe half the show will be Taff answering questions and reminiscing about those days in the 70's and 80's.  The other half of the show will consist of the first ever public viewing of a gig that was filmed back in 1984 in Munster.  Apparently after seeing some of Pink Floyds early arty films Jim and Moritz decided to entrust the filming of the gig to the evenings groupies, thinking this might produce some unusual interesting results on the film. Trouble is, during the actual Adelangst concert the groupies were being "entertained" by the road crew, and so the cameras, well in fact only the one that was actually switched on, was left pointing at drummer Steele Stem.  The resulting footage of the gig therefore consists of two static hours of Steele Stem drumming his heart out, with the odd shot of Jim Brodies bottom half coming into view occasionally.  Edited highlights of this film (called rather aptly "Not for the Prostitutes") concert will be shown by Taff Haddock during his "A one Roadie show" events, dates still to be published.

25.07.05: As reported below there is a 'fans only' concert at Lumley Castle, Lumleyshire, UK.  The date for this has now been finalised and is on October 26th 2005. On the day we will have a slap up meal, free alcoholic drink (mead) and a great private concert by Jim and Moritz.  Also you will be happy to note that Germans are not generally invited (apart from the press, we just don't want the obsessive German fans attending).  Invitations have already been sent out to family, friends, press and famous fans.  We have three tickets available exclusively via this website, all you have to do is to email us with "Lumley" in the subject.  Email either Jim or Moritz, include your name, address and phone number, and we will put your name into a tankard and draw the lucky winner by on September 10th.  The names of the winners will be published on this website.  Good luck!  Only one entry per person please.

14.07.05: Guitarist poll news.  Thanks to everyone who has so far taken part in our Poll  This site will be counting votes until October 1st 2005 when we will close the debate and announce the results.  In the meantime however we are going to have to withdraw votes for Steve Vai, mostly because "Ian" keeps visiting the site every 20seconds or so to post Steve Vai as the favourite guitarist, with Ritchie Blackmore as the least favourite!  Obviously this is so preposterous we are going to have to withdraw any votes for Steve Vai as part of this Poll.  We thought that Rickard.Brinck had a much better idea of the sort of thing we were after in this debate (oh, he voted for Ritchie Blackmore as his top guitarist, by the way).  In a similar vein thanks to Perttu Huovila, Iain Culross, Jcs4jbem, Shadid and  Michael Lorant for your clear expertise on the matter of who is the greatest guitarist, apart from Moritz and I of course (remember, we are excluded from this Poll). 

13.07.05: Live8 explanation.  Disappointed fans have been asking us why on earth we ended up at Clacton on Sea.  Apparently it was Moritz who ended up persuading the crew to alight at Clacton.  Bearing in mind he was a bit worse for wear by this stage because he'd been tearing into the booze on board the train (he thought it was all part of the hospitality, and was a bit confused when the Buffet car guy kept asking him for money).  He thought he saw a sign for Clapton (as in Eric) and so leaped onto the platform thinking that if this is Claptons stage then it must be ours as well.  Obviously as the TV crews weren't at Clacton we are not included within the list of artists which can be downloaded off the internet, sorry.

04.07.05: Adelangst triumph at Live8.  "A nice set of boys" (Mrs Ardwick, Clacton on Sea).  For those fans wondering where Jim Brode and Moritz von der Weide actually got to on the day itself, we apologise.  We did however put on a storming gig, just not exactly where we intended.  As reported below we intended to catch a train from London Liverpool St. station direct to Edinburgh and then to perform live and televised on the route up to Edinburgh from the first class buffet car, all paid for by Richard Branson.  Jonathon Ross was primed for our performance and was ready to interrupt the no-hoper bunch appearing at Hyde Park for our live coverage.  Unfortunately we weren't aware that the train didn't actually go from Liverpool St and we should have gone up to Kings Cross by tube first.  As a consequence we simply boarded the "least buggered looking train, although hardly Virgin" from Liverpool St with our amps and guitars, and ended up, eventually, in Clacton on Sea.   We realised we had gone a bit off course and so as to not disappoint our fans we decided to soldier on and do a gig anyway on the Sea front pavillion, keeping the spirit of Live8 going.  There were a fair few fans who just happened to be at Clacton anyway, and this was a great treat for them.  We never realised we had so many fans over 80 years old.  I'm not sure that Moritz actually demonstrating his "sex positions with amplifiers" was really necessary, however it certainly got the crowds in, and once we'd persuaded the police we weren't going to perform that kind of act again, we were underway with a storming version of "He's looking out (for me)".  This was followed by a surprise "Hard Times", the first time we had ever played this live in 20 years or so, a real treat for live8.  Finally we finished off our 20 minute slot with Renegade Nuns.   Thanks to Muriel for having an old Polaroid camera nearby ready to take a shot of our Jim Brodie just before the final powerchord (it was Brodie Muriel, not Brode).  .   Judging from the press today (Monday) we fared much better than some acts who were playing at Hyde park, particularly that Pink Floyd lot, who went down really bad apparently and showed their lack of practice over the past 20 odd years.   Despite the flood of (over 80's) groupies on the day, we finally made it back to Adelangst Towers on the Sunday morning knackered but happy to have played a part in Live8.  Well done Bob Geldoff.  Let's hope he gets Live9 organised ASAP. 

29.06.05: Adelangst: live 8 appearance alteration.   Adelangst were due to appear in Istanbul for the Live 8 concert (as seen below).  This turned out to be a hoax though, many apologies.  The band had already paid $5000.00 towards costs direct to the venue organiser, a certain Chris Ash from Brighton, however the gig has apparently been shelved.  Our cheque to C,ASH has been used and we can't get our money back.  He told us he knew Bob Geldot personally as well, git!  Anyway we have been approached by Richard Branson to do a travelling gig on one of the trains going from London to Edinburgh. Our train is the 2.15pm from Liverpool Street station direct to Edinburgh on 2nd July.  We shall be doing an acoustic gig in the first class buffet car for around 1 hour from 4pm to 5pm.  All this to promote the fantastic Bob Geldot and his brilliant band G8, who are playing later that night in Edinburgh.  All the profits go to the catholic church apparently, which is fantastic.  Expect lots of condom fires in Africa.  "Well, anything to help" says Moritz "I was taken once to see a Condom just outside of Cape Town many years ago, it was just full of black people.  I was really upset, I mean, Condoms should be for black and white alike, either that or burn them, which is what the Catholics are wanting".  So if you want to see Jim and Moritz on the day, please arrive early for the 2.15pm at Liverpool Street Station.

11.06.05: Adelangst to appear in Live8?  Jim and Moritz have been approached to appear as part of the Live8 concerts on 3rd July.  Jim Brodie has the latest news "We've been asked to headline the Live8 concert in Istanbul on the 3rd July.  Obviously we remember the 1985 Live Aid gig very well as we were the in-flight house band on the Concorde transporting Phil Collins over to the US version of the gig.  We did some great rehearsals travelling at the speed of sound, but on the day itself the sound failed to get through to the BBC and no-one heard the gig.  I never even saw Phil Collins either and I've always wondered if he was actually on the flight at all, and maybe they used a doppelganger for the Philadelphia gigs.  You'd not have trouble finding balding drummers who could plod along to Led Zeppelin.  Anyway for this year we are still negotiating the money side as this would be a really big gig and we need to make sure we get a large percentage of the overall recording rights and merchandising profits as possible, never mind about Moritzs fees for his huge back line.  Apparently we need to keep some percentage over for Africa, although Jim and I are thinking of possibly doing a free gig over there instead, or letting any African have free entry to the Istanbul gig, say.  This has to be agreed with the organisers though.  Moritz says he often donates money to Africa, he buys a Big Issue every now and again.  I must admit I didn't know they sold the Big Issue over there, amazing."  More news to follow soon....

07.06.05: It has come to our attention that an obsessed Adelangst fan in Germany, Hermann Kak, has, without any authorisation or approval from GodofGuitar, arranged for a fans only (!!!!) concert on 8th August 2005 at Schloss Eggersberg, Nuernberg, Germany. Both Jim and Moritz would like to inform their legion of 'real' fans that they will not be appearing at this event as, from their understanding, Mr Kak had decided beforehand his own preferred list of 'friends' who should attend, ignoring any requests from genuine Adelangst fans. Plans are still in place for the 'real fans only' event to be held in the UK in October / November 2005

05.06.05: Our webmaster CaptainJJB would like to apologise for the lack of information over the last week or so. This has much to to with the ridiculous situation Adelangst has found themselves over the last month.  Adelangst have had to leave Sri Lanka, without playing a single note.  More to follow soon.
We are happy to report that the Adelangst lineup (Jim Brodie: Guitar, Moritz von der Weide: Guitar, Steele Stem: Drums, Bob Fascofelbofel: Bass,
Malcolm Hudson: Vocals) have met up in Sri Lanka at Columbo Studio number 6 this weekend to begin rehearsals for the up and coming tour in September/October this year.  The studio has been recently renovated by local gangsta rap artist Leades (pronounced Leeds, apparently).  Leades continues "Hey bro you outa wing boy who hatdi chale man, yo!".  Apparently Leades is keen to test out the new drum computer which has the same program as the famous drum and bass machine used on the last Adelangst tour .  "To my ears man, Adelangst will have a grate Drum'n'Bass sound y'all!  Old Jim and that amp spank man Moritz, yeh, still have lots of spunk in them man!".  Things however haven't got off to a good start, as Jim explains "We thought that Leades was someone who wrote gangsta rap over here, but it turns he's not an actual artist at all.  He is actually something of a gangster and runs this studio a bit like a musical brothel.  We've paid for Studio 6, but on arriving here the room is, well empty.  Leades tells us that the gear is due very shortly on special import.  I'm not sure about all this now, but at least the sun is out!"   The picture shown here is of Studio 6 as it stands at the moment.  We will post more information and pictures when we get them.

18.05.05 All of us at Adelangst Towers are sad to report that we have had to censor the site. Apparently there is a new edict that the new Pope Benedict XVI has launched on the internet that says that sites that may be visited by young rock fans must not display acts of indecency.  We've had our lawyers looking through the detail of the proclamation all day, but unfortunately they have decided that it would be a good idea for us to take off the pictures of Moritz making love to the amplification equipment.  Obviously we are very sorry to have to do this, but we don't want the inquisition to end up sawing off Moritz's fingers, or else we might have to cancel the tour later this year.  Sorry to all of the fans in the Far East as well who your constantly hitting the pose page with the naked Moritz on it.  Our webstats will suffer I've no doubt.  Ratz!

17.05.05 Jim Brodie is looking to announce a potential sponsorship deal with Hagan Daz, in particular the Ice Cream.  More shortly...

11.05.05: Following the success of the gig at Schloss Abenberg in 2004, we can confirm that Moritz von der Weide will perform a further 'fans only'
concert in October / November 2005 at Lumley Castle, Lumleyshire, UK- exact date still to be finalised. Invitations will be sent out in due course. Please contact the site for details -   password 'Violet Spoon'. We stress that entrance to this event will be through invitation only. Moritz would like to stress that obsessed German fans will be refused entry.

10.05.05: We'd like to thank everyone for turning up at our stand at the London  Guitar Show 2005.  . Moritz was assaulted by a member of 'Help the Aged' who took offence to his Signature Model marketing ploy. Jim met up with Nicko McBrain and they did an off the cuff version of He's looking out (for me). Again, Jim turned down an offer to be the 15th lead guitarist in Iron Maiden

09.05.05: Moritz would like to make an apology to all those fans who were expecting his appearance at the VE celebration in Trafalgar Square, London on 8th May. We'll let Moritz explain his absence:  "I have to be careful what I say here, as it may be best for me to keep a low profile for a few days. As you know, Jim and myself were attending the guitar exhibition in London over the weekend and the VE Celebration organisers had contacted us to see if we would write an appropriate piece that would appeal to the younger audience. As you know, I'm German so I thought, well let bygones be bygones (forgive and forget, and all that).  In fact, most Germans have no idea which war we are talking about here (Austro-Prussian, Hungarian-Roman or even Napoleonic for heavens sake). Well I penned a beautiful score and sent it through to the organisers, so I turn up backstage on Sunday afternoon, and I am informed by an official that my presence would not be welcomed due to the bad taste of my arrangement. The official was livid, so I say to him what does he mean, and he states that the title "Achtung! Stalingrad Remembered" would probably get me lynched. It didn't help by the fact I turned up with a black eye after being accosted at the Guitar Expo by an official from Age Concern who was well miffed over my promotion of the Signature Catheter and Urine Collection bag.  What can I say apart from it was never like this under the Nazis.

08.05.05: Due to unforeseen circumstances we won't be able to take Concorde over to Philadelphia  Apparently they stopped flying them (no-one told us at!).  We will therefore have to take a standard Jet, which will take quite alot longer, indeed the audience at Mablethorpe may have to consider staying on overnight as the 2nd half of the gig will now not take place until the following day.  We will hope to lay on some impromptu bedding for our fans, or as Moritz says "The spirit of the Blitz will shine through, I'm sure".

03.05.05:  A "Classic Album" DVD is to be released all about Adelangst's "Mallard" album of 1987.  This series of DVD's has proved to be very popular with fans of many bands.  Jim Brodie explains "When we were originally approached to do this we watched Deep Purples Medicine Head DVD.  There was everyone on it and it was really good to see David Coverdale singing the albums biggest hit Black Knight"   .  The DVD isn't out until September, to coincide with the tour.  More information about the contents will follow shortly.....

01.05.05: Moritz von der Weide is back in training for the forthcoming Adelangst Tour 2005.   "I've been doing around 40 minutes of cardio a morning followed by some limbering up sessions with my gear.  I've also been doing quite a few diminished scales on the strat, where you start off all confident but then peter our somewhat half way through the run, thus getting a diminished effect.  It's rather good, but I'd rather get an effects pedal to do it really.  I've decided to be in top form for this forthcoming tour." 

30.04.05: Jim Brodie "slimfast" deal?  We have heard that Jim Brodie may be finally nearing his own product endorsement deal, this time with SlimFast.  As Jim describes "I normally have a couple of SlimFasts first thing in the morning as it helps calm the stomach before I hit the brandy.  It's certainly helped me keep my fitness over all these years and maintain my relatively flat stomach.  I would recommend SlimFast for all guitar Gods."

27.04.05: We asked Taff Haddock to come up with some interesting pictures from his archives, and he has certainly done that, with a fantastic picture from Adelangsts first ever gig, at the Golden Lion, Highroad Well in Halifax.  Unfortunately it is of the audience rather than the band, however we believe it captures quite alot of the atmosphere of that great occasion.  Click on the picture to enlarge.

25.04.05: Continuing our Taff Haddock month 14th April 2005 to 14th May 2005 we have found a very rare appearance from him on an old Adelangst rehersal tape.  .

25.04.05: Our report about Jim Brodie and Matamp was incorrect.  Apparently it is Matalan who are interested in Jim sponsoring their range of Sunburst shirts.  Sorry for this error.  Jim says "Come on guys, there's not much chance of me getting a deal with Matamp is there.  What would happen if Moritz was caught after hours with my gear!"

24.04.05: We can reveal exclusively here at Godofguitar that Jim Brodie is looking at a product endorsement deal with Matamp.  Although this has only come to us via secondary sources, we do have a recent picture of Jim with Matamp equipment, shown here.  As reported on this page on 2nd April, since Moritz von der Weide's incredible success with his Signature Catheter and Urine Collection bag, Jim has been seeking his own product endorsement. 

23.04.05: Renaissance Rock Productions have announced the production and distribution of a DVD that is meant to cover the history of Adelangst.  Entitled "Take the Piss and run" (a crude dig at Moritz's urinary infection problems I guess) the DVD promises interviews with the band, although no members of the existing Adelangst band are included, certainly not Jim or Moritz.  We believe this may be another ploy by the Unofficial Jenkins/Fuchs Adelangst which has been touring the UK recently using the name illegally.  As we have said before, our lawyers are dealing with this issue at the moment.  We would urge fans not to buy this DVD.

21.04.05: Adelangst leave Boulevard records.  Adelangst have formally announced that they have Boulevard Records, with whom they released Inserted Gently and Mallard.  They will make an announcement about their new label deal very shortly, although rumours are that EMI are taking quite an interest in the reunion at the moment.

15.04.05: US Tour Latest: Fans will recall that the band were setting up the first ever gig based at the famous Ontario Speedway stadium.  This gig is now confirmed but there is a bit of a problem with it.  The promoter really screwed up the organisation as the licence for the event was deemed to be a speedway race instead of a rock concert.  Jim and Moritz are discussing a way of getting around this by playing the gig whilst being driven on motorbikes going around the track and the gig in total will be broadcast all around the circuit.  The audience will be positioned on the straights where they will end hearing all of the gig and seeing Jim and Moritz fly past every 3.5 minutes (or better if the riders can manage it).  I know it doesn't sound very "Rock'n'Roll", but it may be the best way for our American fans to see us as gigs are so limited over there (due to Jim Brodies restrictions in America).

14.04.05: Taff Haddock Month: to celebrate Taff Haddocks 30 years of being a professional Roadie, we will specially dedicate this month to Taff Haddock and his wonderful skills as a roadie.  To get things started we will shortly be launching an "Ask the Roadie" session.  Ever wanted to know how roadies get their huge beer guts?  How to look cool when fiddling with cables in front of 20,000 people?  How to push members of the audience off stage, and so on.  You can soon ask Taff personally via this site.  More soon....

UPDATED 14.04.05: Picture shows Jim Brodie with the ORIGINAL Mallard studio tapes, about to launch it on an original MTS80 studio unit.
13.04.05: N
ews has reached us at that Jim Brodie, one of the founding members of Adelangst, has agreed to get involved with the digital remastering of the Adelangst classic Mallard.  Jim says "I've been working with the original tapes for a while now and I'm delighted to say that they are in good order and I'm really looking forward to working with Heisel Blimgish the well known Flemish Tonmeister at the Klirchkierang studios in Hammerfest over the next month or so."  Apparently there are some rare tracks that have surfaced on the original master tapes which could give some fans a surprise or two.  Also Jim tells us that they are going to use a 28 bit analogue to digital converter for the remastering process. "That's four bits better than a 24 bit, apparently" says Jim. should have some pictures of the remastering process within the next week or so, which we will post on the site.  Thanks to Kelan Kutlieg for this feature.

07.04.05:   US Tour Announcement.  Jim Brodie has been given approval to enter the state of North Carolina in USA only. Even though this US State is very conservative, they have listened responsibly to Jim's concerns that sitting naked in a Jacuzzi with 5 women is not a criminal offence. In view of this, a short Adelangst tour of North Carolina is being lined up - exact dates to follow:

               - Burger Hall, Charlotte NC
               - Sowd Hall, Greensboro NC
               - Farck Hall,
Durham NC 

Currently two extra dates are being pencilled in:


           -Hofsna University, NY (subject to immigration approval for Jim or maybe we can sneak him into New York State in the boot of a car after the NC gigs)

           -Ontario Speedway, CA (as above). Please also note this is the first ever outdoor gig being lined up in the history of the Ontario Speedway (full list of artists to follow)

02.04.05: Jim Brodie Sponsorship deal likely.  Jim has advised us at that he is negotiating with several companies for an official "Jim Brodie" endorsement.  This is as a result of Moritz von der Weide's incredible success with his Signature Catheter and Urine Collection bag.  The exact product is not known at this time, however likely candidates are Sarsons Malt Vinegar, Marmite or Pizza Hut.   More soon...
28.03.05: announces a new Top Guitarists Poll 2005. 

After last years amazing Great Guitarists debate we have had huge pressure to perform another worldwide survey on this website.  The Top Guitarists Poll 2005 will follow similar rules to last year. 

  • You cannot vote for Jim Brodie or Moritz von der Weide (although you can invite comparison). 

  • You can only vote once for your top 3 guitarists.

  • We will not tolerate abuse (even for American guitarists, just constructive criticism)

  • Your comments are welcome as to why you have voted for your guitarist and maybe why you don't rate another leading contender

Due to complaints from Steve Via fans last year that the vote was unfair, this years poll will be as by Proportional Representation (European style).  We promise our American regulars that if we have a vote in 2006 we will use the Electoral College Vote System.

27.03.05 Moritz's signature model creates new music trend in America. 

We've just been notified that following release of the Moritz von der Weide Signature Model there has been a groundswell of positive feedback from the public. So much in fact that we've just heard that in the Mid West of the USA, radio stations have launched a new type of music to follow on from AOR and MOR. This is known as IOR (Incontinent Orientated Rock).
Thanks to Shron Schwedick in  Akron, Ohio for the update.  With regards to the Signature Catheter, the product is now for sale at £699.00 (urine not supplied) available from most medical product outlets and musical instrument shops.

26.03.05: Adelangst 2005 Low Key Unofficial Pre-Tour Tour Dates Rumours. 

We have heard news on various Adelangst websites that the band have unofficially announced a set of low key gigs in order for the band in general to get the individual band members settled in before the major world tour begins.  The following venues have been suggested.  According to Moritz and Jim, any of the following is possible, but they will not specify the dates of any potential unofficial venue. 

               - Crabfields, Rippondon (West Yorkshire)

- Planet 42 - Crawley

- Didleys, Dudley

- Lumley Castle, Lumley

- The Tap and Spire, Lincolnshire

- Gortex, Manchester

- Birkenau's, Keighley

- Ego's, Bedford

- Michael Sobell Centre, London

- Flat Cap's,Leeds

- Cockney's, Bow, London

- Farm Boys, Norfolk

- Camp It Up's, Brighton

- Way Eye's - Newcastle

You sir, are a charlatan.  How can you profess to posses a Jim Brodie plectrum form the 86' Munster gig when any student of Adelangst would be able to tell you that Jim Brodie didn't play with a plectrum at the gig.  This incident is fully documented in Taff Haddock's definitive biography of the band "From Angst to Adulation (and back again): A Roadies Tale"
Mr. Haddock clearly explains how, on the eve of the Munster gig, feeling lonely and melancholy, he sought solace with a lady of the night.  However as Taff was without any of the local currency, he paid his way with Jim's plecti, convincing Brunhilde Schmetterling (for 'twas her name) that one day, the plecti would be worth a fortune.

Come the night of the gig, Taff was forced to confess all.  Fortunately, the swift thinking (& drinking) Jim had a brainwave.  Ordering a packet of Quavers and a jar of picked eggs at the bar, Jim proceeded to fashion a dozen plecti from the quavers.  He then soaked them in the pickle jar, before drying them out under the hot air drier in the toilets.  A technique Jim (Alfred Worthington back then) had learned as a boy on his way to becoming Junior Conker champion of Burnley in 69'.  Ever the consummate professional, Jim played a stormer, throwing in a whole series of demi-semi-quavers in his nineteen minute guitar solo.

However, Jim's relationship with Taff was never the same again, causing Jim to later comment ".that's Taff Haddock stood in the background, my first guitar roadie.  God, he was shite!"
 Following Jim's momentous performance with the Quavers, there was talk of the gig being reenacted for a television advert for Walkers Quavers.  However, Walkers quickly distanced themselves from the idea following rumors of Moritz von der Weide's unusual servicing of his amplification equipment - particularly as he didn't hold the required NVQ in Electrical installation and servicing.

I trust that you will remove the listing from eBay.

Kind Regards

Taff Schmetterling (Jnr.)


18.03.05: Moritz Von Der Weide Signature Catheter and Urine Collection Bag. 

To all my fans around the world:

As you all know I've been suffering from major urinary tract problems for the last 25 years. I've tried convenes and incontinence pants, but for the first time in my professional career I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever had complete and total confidence in an anti-bladder weakness product. In fact, I am so contented with this catheter and urine collection bag, I couldn't wait to give my full endorsement. I hope this product will give you the type of satisfaction and confidence that I feel every time I walk out on stage.  If you are interesting in purchasing one of these devices pleasecontact us..

Remember - I never leave home without my Strat and Cath.
Manufacturers Note: for legal and hygiene reasons, Moritz von der Weide is unable to provide a sample of his own urine with this product.

13.03.05: New Q&A
13.03.05: Some jerk has put one of Jim Brodies plectrums on Ebay Apparently he writes "This plectrum was originally thrown to me in 1986 in Munster (then West Germany) during a classic Adelangst concert by the great Jim Brodie, who was on stage with Moritz von der Weide, Steele Stem and Glynn Hawes at the time.  Jim rarely gives his plectrums away so I'm sure this is quite rare." 
Jim actually remembers someone once getting on stage to steal one of his plectrums "It might have been Munster as well come to think of it" says Jim "some berk jumped on stage to steal one of my plectrums that I kept within the first few frets of one of the spare strats.  In those days you couldn't throw gear away like they do now, even plectrums, without the management deducting money from your personal account.  I watch someone like Roger Glover these days and my heart flinches each time a pleccy goes towards the crowd, he must go through hundreds in each gig.  So much so that if you go down the front after a Purple gig these days there are cleaning ladies sweeping up the Roger Glover plectrums en masse.  Anyway, I guess this plectrum is probably genuine, but probably stolen. I might put a bid on myself to get it back!" Thanks to Jineos Ramblarz for pointing this out to us so quickly.

Continuing our series of articles covering guitarists and bands, Michael Blos covers here the interesting time when American guitarist Joseph Satriani played with Deep Purle. 

12.03.05: Led Zep vs Deep Purple debate.  Some of you may have noticed a Geoff Barton article in this months Classic Rock magazine where he attempts to claim that Deep Purple are better than Led Zeppelin.  And this after Q 224 reported Led Zepplin as "The most important band in the world... today".  One of our famous fans Qiago Chi Ip from Singapore gives his own critical review. 

01.03.05: We are very sorry to report that Moritz von der Weide has been forced to "come out" following huge international media interest in the nude pictures of him and various bits of amplification equipment.  Moritz admits he has regular sexual misdemeanours with his amplification equipment and that we now have the original images that were taken by his guitar roadie.  The official news from the Moritz camp is "Moritz has announced that he is addicted to having sex with his backline.  He apologises to his fans around the world and he now wishes to spend the next few days with his family.  Hilary, his wife, is obviously devastated."

28.02.05: Competition results: You recall the competition that we ran from January 05.  We have had loads of response, however first the answer to that question.    Who was the guest vocalist who appeared on the Mallard album? The answer of course was Brian Connolly.  Congratulations to Spin Yorgloff from Tnanf near Croatia for being the first out of the winners hat.  Spin wins a travel clock autographed especially by Jim and Moritz.

24.02.05: News has of Moritz's alleged antics with his amps has reached America, as can be seen by this picture.  We have tried to contact the various press agencies over there but of course the news has gone out anyway, with the usual offending pictures.  Moritz will make a statement about all of this within the next few days but our stance is still that he denies everything, despite what the headline at the Pack Place is declaring.  Jim Brodie, who is currently getting over his bout of nervous exhaustion in Bermuda, has been contacted and has decided to stay on there for another few weeks as a result.
It has come to our attention that there is a certain Mr. Robert Kuryliw who sets himself up as a direct source of information about Moritz von der Weide’s alleged sexual capers with amplification equipment.  We have never spoken to this person - ever. He posts rude items on his website under the guise of fact when in truth all they are is misinformation and rumour being spread by an obviously very unhappy man. He seems to be very disturbed by Moritz’s new backline.  Unfortunately, you occasionally run across jealous people in this industry. Just know that for truth, and for up-to-date information from the real source, stay tuned to this page.

16.02.05: Our recent request for information about hoax photos of Moritz naked and having sex with an amplifier have been fruitful, but not in the way we wanted.  We have actually ended up with more photos of the same (thanks Janice from Croydon, and no you can't have one of Jim Brodie!).   Again as you can see this is a silly reproduction done by some computer geek.  Please will someone come forward with information about where this hoax has come from.  Our lawyers are now involved (with dealing with the legalities). Also a message to Sally from Arizona: no we won't be posting full size images of Moritz on the site of this nature, as they aren't really him!  Indeed thanks to all the girls who have written in wanting to be Moritz's amps for the day, but may I remind you, this is just a bloody spoof.   A hoax!  13.02.05: Jim Brodie reports: "We have had various versions of the following picture of Moritz von der Weide naked and having sex with an unknown speaker and amp combination.  Moritz is on holiday at the moment and obviously cannot comment.  We would just like to say that this is obviously a disgraceful attempt at piecing together a picture using some fancy digital software and the picture is obviously a fake.  We are contacting the major news agencies to warn them of this hoax.    Thanks."
11.02.05: Latest news on Moritz's signature model.  As mentioned below coming to the global market very soon will be the Moritz von der Weide Signature Catheter and Urine Collection Leg Bag.    We are pleased to announce that the contract has just been signed today.  The prototypes have been tested and photos of the real thing should be posted on this site shortly.   We have had some feedback from people complaining that this type of promotion is tackless and unnecessary.  You should understand that Moritz has suffered from his condition for many years and is now well known within the rock and wider community as a "user" of different types of bags, so why not promote his own brand?
02.02.05: Jim Brodie has been told to take a complete rest from recording and touring for the next 2 months.  His management confirm he is suffering from nervous exhaustion and is now under strict doctors orders.  Jim will take part in the live web chat on 3th Feb at 0300 hours GMT and then will spend the next month at his holiday home in Bermuda.
Online webchat.  Jim and Moritz will be doing an live Webchat  online on 3rd February 03:00GMT.   A link will be posted on our homepage one hour before and during the event.
29.01.05: Public Apology.  Jim Brodie and Moritz von der Weide in association with the Hal Zimmerman management agency would like to apologize without reservation for taking legal action against NASCAR.  We now accept that NASCAR was not allowing downloading of Adelangst music files on their networks and drop all such allegations.  We wish NASCAR well and hope the next race goes forward without interruption from Adelagnst fans.  We also apologize for the illegal "Home copying is killing Jim and Moritz" billboard posters at the last race.
Jim explains "I kept hearing that all rock bands were suing NASCAR, but apparently I was wrong.  I simply don't understand it"
The return of the "Intensities in 10 sitting rooms" idea.  Also Facial expressions see pose page
We've had a fantastic response to the competition so far.  Some of you have some strange ideas though, or a funny sense of humour.  We obviously didn't have Barry Manilow in the band (thanks Geoff from Reigate) nor was Luciano Pavarotti a temporary member of Adelangst (Jules from Naples) and as for Ian Gillan..(Steve from Texas)  you must be joking!  Please keep them coming.  20.01.05: Competition
Contrary to recent speculation and tabloid hearsay, Jim Brodie confirms that even though he was once ejected from the Castle Donnington backstage area in the mid 1980's for impersonating Ritchie Blackmore , he has had nothing to do with the recent impersonations of Ritchie Blackmore in the Southampton area. Jim is now considering taking legal action on this matter if the rumours and insinuation continue
Even though negotiations have still to be finalised, we take great pleasure in confirming that coming to the global market very soon will be the Moritz von der Weide Signature Catheter and Urine Collection Leg Bag. This product will be fully endorsed by Moritz and we hope to have some photos and further material available as soon as the contracts are finalised and signed off.  For those of you unaware why Moritz is sponsoring this product then you haven't read our history.
Apologies to the thousands of U2 fans who have written in with regard to the critical album review of The Joshua Tree by Rameesh in Bangladesh. Many complained the tracks he reviewed bore no resemblance to the actual album issued by U2. After checking again with Rameesh on this, he regretfully confirms that the download he received was corrupted with interspersed tracks from Deep Purple Machine Head and Rainbow Rising. This, of course, led to a total mix up with regard to his review. Rameesh confirms he will not use a Polymoog Synthesizer in future to digitally re-master his downloads, and of course, he apologises profusely for any embarrassment caused.
A Legal challenge is going to be put up by Fuchs/Jenkins "so called" Adelangst band.  Apparently Klaus Fuchs has only gone and registered Adelangst as a trade mark!  He's trying to get Moritz and Jim to stop appearing this year as Adelangst in place of their own stupid version of the band.  Obviously we are going to fight this.  We are now applying to the Trade Mark Registry to have the trade mark declared invalid.  I'm afraid this could potentially delay the tour.  More information soon.
06.01.05: Would the real Adelangst please stand up.  As if there were any question!  We know that Adelangst fans are waiting for news on the 2005 tour with our new lineup, however we have this problem of a rival (totally pathetic) Adelangst headed by Klaus Fuchs and Ralph Jenkins (yes I know, who the hell are they?!?) as opposed to the one true Adelangst headed by Jim Brodie and Moritz von der Weide.  We are currently spending much time examining section 3 of the Trade Marks Act 1994 (fascinating stuff, but not exactly Rock'n'Roll y'know) with our lawyers to see how we can wrap this up.
In the meantime fans can email us with their suggested Set List for the 2005 tour, please email us

31.12.04: As some of you will be aware we have been negotiating to have some of our music available via iTunes, to assist all of those fans with these wonderful iPod devices (Jim says it reminds him of Thunderbirds all this talk of Pods and the like).  However the licensing costs and stiff regulatory composites involved have been simply too expensive for Jim and Moritz to agree to the use of this service. and then import into iTunes and/or your iPod.  There is shortly going to be more available via our download page.
"The world would be a completely different place to live without the Smoke on the Water riff"
Coming very soon on - We are improving our classic rock guitar pose page.  This will include Jim and Moritz's classic "Two guitarists one microphone" poses and also a section on how to play the guitar with your feet.  Not to be missed.  Also as advertised, we will have a new blues download on the music download page.Also we will be keeping you posted on the latest information on the legal wrangle around the unofficial Adelangst band that has been started off by two minor Adelangst members.  The bastards!  Come on Klaus and Ralph, sue us for that!
To all our regular visitors, a merry Christmas.  To all first timers, where the F**k have you been all this time!
24.12.04: The first of our Classic Rock album reviews. 20.12.04: Well we have spent most of today looking through all of the Logos that people have sent us for our GodofGuitar website.  It has been really difficult to decide upon one that we are going to use.  However after much deliberation we have chosen the logo from Pak Hickling from Holland .  Pak will be getting the signed Adelangst CD’s in the post very shortly.  Moreover he will no doubt enjoy seeing his logo on our website homepage over the next few months.
Thanks to all who participated.  If we have some time we will show you some of the other entrants.  Some people got it a bit wrong.  Thanks for the picture of the fish (presumably Cod) and guitar combination  Phil Ingham from Wiltshire, however our site is NOT called Codofguitar.  Also thanks to Jim from Alabama for the picture of Ayottollah Khomeni (I think) with a Guitar pierced through his stomach.  You must be joking Jim, we can’t use that.  We live in a multicultural society here in Britain and cannot possibly use that kind of image.. 
We are happy to announce the lineup for our 2005 Adelangst tour.  The lineup will be:

Adelangst Mk 5 2005

Jim Brodie: Guitar
Moritz von der Weide: Guitar
Steele Stem: Drums
Bob Fascofelbofel: Bass
Malcolm Hudson: Vocals

Steele Stem is THE Adelangst drummer.  Last seen in concert in 1986 with the band, Steele left Adelangst in 1988 to join a commune in South America with Glynn Hawes, our then singer/bass player, after announcing his “coming out”.  Since then he has straightened himself out a bit (he’s still gay, I was meaning financially and socially), has left Glynn and lives in Bedfordshire with his new partner Bob.  I know that many Adelangst fans will be delighted to see Steele back with the band, and with his old Skid Dogs partner, Jim Brodie. 

As it happens, Steele's new partner Bob Fascofelbofel is a good bass player but much more importantly has great long hair (still his own as well!).  It was simply natural for us to approach Bob to play the bass on tour (well, and everyone else had let us down,  anyway as he and Steele can share a room it’ll keep the costs down a bit).  Bob has previously played with many professional bands and was last seen playing on television (as a member of the house band on the Parkinson show).   Bobs surname is not made up, honest.  He comes from the Ukraine and when two big families joined together a couple of generations ago they decided to retain both parts of the surname within their new family surname, and the Fascofelbofel’s were born.  It’s a good name for anagrams though, if anyone out there wants to try. 

Finally we have Malcolm Hudson who toured with Adelangst for two years in the early 80’s.  Malcolm was regarded as pivotal in keeping the group together during these highly successful and turbulent years and we are really pleased to see him rejoin the band. 

Dates for the 2005 will be posted on this website shortly.  We are still pursuing the Jenkins/Fuchs Adelangst "tribute" band, by the way.
16.12.04: A few months ago we asked our fan base, through this website, to suggest a new eye catching logo for our website. The winner will receive copies of both Adelangst CD's signed by Jim and Moritz.  Thanks to all of you who took part.  Alot of people did wonderful Adelangst logos but failed to be included as we actually wanted a logo for "GodofGuitar" [remember what your teacher told you, read the bloody question!].  I must say that we might consider using one of these Adelangst logos for the new tour as the two original album covers ended up being so awful).    Anyway, the results of the Godofguitar Logo competition will be announced over the weekend 16/17th December 2004.  So keep tuned in [Actually does one "tune" into a website or what?]
12.12.04: We have intelligence information that Ralph Jenkins and Klaus Fuchs are attempting to ride on the existing wave of reunion euphoria concerning  Adelangst by creating a false version of our old band by two relatively  unknown past members of the band. This is the gig that possibly is to take place at the London Astoria.   Fans be warned.  Other past members of Adelangst have been contacted to put together a join statement about this new false band.   This is likely to appear on this website within the next few days.
One of our most loyal fans, Michael Bloss, has noticed a comparison between Deep Purple's Heavy Metal Pioneers video/DVD sleeve and one of the photos from Adelangst's unofficial photo gallery released by famous fan Peter "The Rock" Crusoe.  Moritz explains: "Jim and I often met at this central London pub during our year out in 1988, when not in Copenhagen.  There weren't many pictures taken of us during this strange time in our career (just as well looking at Jim's M&S Jumper) however this picture appeared in a number of Adelangst fanzines at the time.  It was taken by a fan who was waiting out for us, not an official shot. We were aware there were quite a few Adelangst fans within the Purple camp (following our meeting in America during the Perfect Strangers tour, ).   I guess Purples management saw it and thought it would make a good venue for their revamped band at the time.  Surely this isn't coincidence?!? "  Thanks to Michael for pointing this out.  10.12.04: We have today just found out that a couple of ex-members of Adelangst are indeed doing a gig, as... Adelangst! (We aren't sure, but it may be the London Astoria.)   This is completely outrageous, Moritz and Jim ARE Adelangst.  It's a bit like Doogie White and Don Airey reforming Rainbow for Christs sake.  Obviously we have got straight onto our legal department (who is away at the moment, bloody great eh!). More on this over the next few days. It's all I can do to stop Moritz hiring a hit man to "do them in"!
We have picked up loads of  rumours from fans using other internet sites that Adelangst may have already booked their first reunion gig at the Astoria in London in January.  This is not true.  Please would everyone stop sending us emails asking us when they can be on sale [this includes you Gerry, and no we couldn't  guarantee you a front row seat and backstage pass! ]  We have no idea where these rumours have come from.  Truth is, we still have to confirm the actual band members never mind about the actual gig dates.  We promise we will let you know as soon as possible.
17.11.04: Many thanks to all our fans who have emailed in with advice for where we should perform on our reunion tour next year.  I must say Jim and I were amazed at the amount of media interest in our reunion after so many years.  We are currently still confirming the line up for next year, so the thought of exactly where gigs should be is a little in front of us at the moment.  Our South American fanbase might as well forget it, don't forget what happened last time we came into your region   We are going to do a tour of the UK first of all in June.  Mablethorpe Community Hall looks like the venue for our first gig, unless the NEC is requested enough by our midlands fanbase.  Some of our fans have said this site is a bit small for such a major reunion.  Huh, remember the top of apple records in 1969!  That wasn't small enough was it!  However we may well setup a form on this site for fans to register their interest.

14.11.04: Jim and Moritz have amazed the world of Rock and Pop by announcing an Adelangst reunion next year in 2005.  At present it is not known who exactly will form the band, however various ex members have been approached, including Malcolm Hudson.  Information is scarce as to exactly where the first reunion concert will be held, however rumour has it that Mablethorpe Community Hall is a likely relatively low key venue.  As Moritz explains "just coming back after so many years and playing, say, the NEC in Birmingham will not seem right to us, so we've decided to do some smaller sites to get us warmed up.  The full tour will become apparent in the fullness of time."

25.10.04: Adelangst to reform?  There have been some rumours in the music press that Jim and Moritz might be planning to reform Adelangst sometime next year.   Vim Jeffieries (Moritz and Jims manager) would like it known that there are absolutely no plans for this to occur whatsoever, however he is not necessarily ruling it out completely in the future.  He points out that particularly with Moritz's injury problem at the moment this is certainly not on the cards.  As Vim explains "what's the bloody point of reforming if Moritz can't even play the riff to Renegade Nuns properly".

22.10.04: Moritz injury concerns.  As some of you will already know, Moritz von der Weide is currently at Great Ormond St Hospital having some special surgery done to his left hand.  This is due to a repetitive strain injury which his doctors say has been brought about because he had to play too much rhythm guitar during the Adelangst years and had to keep on strumming.  Dr Xeno of

Great Ormond St
confirms "If he had taken a few more of the lead parts this probably wouldn't have happened."  Dr Xeno is an expert in rock band psychology having studied with Saxon in the early 1980's, moving onto 10 years of training with remnants of The Eagles.  "I think Moritz has suffered greatly physically and mentally from the torment of not being able to take as many solos as Jim Brodie."  Jim doesn't see it this way "he's probably just wanked himself off a bit too much, I did more of the solos because I was better than him most of the time". 
All of us at wishes Moritz a speedy recovery.  Moritz would like to thank all those people out there, especially all of the rock stars for getting in touch with goodwill messages (the drummer from Oliver/Dawson Saxon sent a get well card!).  Moritz does however want to comment on Jim's masturbatory comments "Bollocks, I use my right hand anyway, so there!"

19.10.04: Crewe gig cancelled.  Moritz has had to pull out of the planned gig at Crewe.  As he explains "I'd got myself really fit, however my doctor had noticed that my hand was staying in the position as if I was permanently on the exercise machine and would you believe it when it came to the next practice with Jim I couldn't play a bloody thing.  We were thinking of tuning the guitar to an open string chord and just moving my left hand up and down, but that would have sounded really crap.  So we had to cancel.  Sorry to all the fans who had bought tickets.  It's the first time I've ever pulled out at the last minute, despite being a good Catholic."

18.10.04: we have had quite a few enquiries to see if we can re-open the Great Rock Guitarists debate  as people want to comment on some of the issues and opinions brought up below.  If you want to do this please email us at and if we get enough interest we will persuade Vim (our manager) to re-open it.  Remember though you cannot vote for Jim or Moritz.

12.10.04:  did Moritz really make love to a Marshall stack?  See our QandA sectionand the question from Patrick from Marseilles.

Backstage Blow Job – Groupie and After-Concert Party Management   Eh?  Want to know more? see new entries in our QandA section.

NEWS: Jim and Moritz were invited to play at the recent Celebration of the Fender Strat concert at Wembley Arena. unfortunately, due to other pressing commitments, Jim and Moritz were unable to attend, however we do thank Theresa Andersson and her band for giving the audience a blast of "He's Looking Out (for me)"; this was one of the classic Adelangst songs, and, of course, was written on a Fender Stratocaster - well that's what Moritz says, however according to Jim it was definitely written on a Gibson.