Great Quotations from the GodOfGuitar Team

“Prior to the audition we’d been told he was shit hot! After the audition we realised we’d misheard what had been said, and he turned out to be, well ………just shit!”
Moritz von der Weide recalls an early 1980’s audition with
Lee David

“It’s taken me 25 years in the music business to realise that MOR actually means More of Rock”
Jim Brodie - Mojo Magazine 2006

“He’ll never get the gig in Whitesnake if he carries on with that attitude”
Moritz von der Weide - Bravo Magazine 1984 (discussing the possibility of Ritchie Blackmore replacing Mickey Moody)

“When your drum machine starts to demand a share of the royalties then you know you have problems”
Jim Brodie - Record Mirror 1986

“I had part of my bladder removed at the age of 14; who says the Germans never take the piss”
Moritz von der Weide - Ladies Cystitis Weekly, 1985

“That guy really annoyed me. I told him it’s a pity that his hair possessed more texture than his solos"
Jim Brodie on Brian May, 1989

 “I was sitting in a Jacuzzi with 4 naked 16 year old girls. Would you believe that in some countries that is classed as a criminal offence”
Jim Brodie 1994 - upon hearing his US visa application had been declined (for a third time)

“No, I have never had sex with a minor, however on the 1984 UK tour I do admit receiving a blow job from a woman who worked the night shift at Ford in Dagenham”
Moritz von der Weide, 2004 - Mike Vaj Radio Show

"I believe there are 15 747 724 136 275 002 577 605 653 961 181 555 468 044 717 914 527 116 709 366 231 425 076 185 631 031 296 protons in the universe and the same number of electrons."
Sorry I think this one got through my mistake, not one of ours

"Don't worry about being truly awful even if you are more popular than ever.  I mean, look at Ozzy Ozbourne."
Jim Brodie 2006

"I recall you setting fire to Moritz's spandex trousers at Donnington 1986.  He wasn't the slimmest person around and what a sight!"
Taff Haddock recalls in 2003

"You have probably destroyed your ear by listening so much to Joe Satriani.  Try listening to the playing of Jim Brodie,"
Moritz responds to a Q&A 2004

"Arrive late at the venue, but with the guitar virtually strapped on you, ready to take to the stage, then you can blame the rest of the band in the end for being late in with the first song"
Gig advice from Moritz from 2002

"No-one wants to do encores do they.  I mean what’s the bloody point of them"
Jim Brodie 1999

"Anyone can play a wah-wah and if you have the cash you can even purchase a dazzling guitar synth, multi effect thingamijig and sound even more dreadful."
Moritz rants in 2005

"We really hate fanatical followers of Adelangst.  They have no personality whatsoever and try to brag to their mates that they are ‘in with the band'.  Anyone called Jerry is usually a prime candidate. "
Moritz rants again in 2004

"I can confirm I have never made love to a Marshall amplifier"
Moritz apologizes in 2005

"If you try making love to your lady with your guitar still attached to your body for heavens sake remember to turn the volume down"
Sound advice from Jim Brodie in 2002

"If we played a couple of songs in a different order one night you could see the notebooks fly open and lots of amazed faces amongst the famous fan brigade"
Moritz discusses the "famous fans" notion again in 2004

"Duane Allman was, in fact, in the Allman Bros, not the Eagles.  We would also like to confirm that Doug Aldrich is in no way related to his namesake Buzz"
Corrections on this website in Q&A

"We now accept that NASCAR was not allowing downloading of Adelangst music files on their networks and drop all such allegations"
Jim Brodie eats humble pie in 2004

"If you go down the front after a Purple gig these days there are cleaning ladies sweeping up the Roger Glover plectrums en masse"
Taff Haddock responds to the international plectrum shortage in 2005

"Jim tells us that they are going to use a 28 bit analogue to digital converter for the remastering process. "That's four bits better than a 24 bit, apparently"
Taff Haddock in 2004

"The audience will be positioned on the straights where they will end hearing all of the gig and seeing Jim and Moritz fly past every 3.5 minutes "
Adelangsts management announcement of the 2005 California Jam (at the speedway stadium)

"Bring your door to the slaughter"
An ace track from Adelangst's return album "Village Idiot", apparently from one of Jim's saying from the early 80's.