Classic Albums DVD - Adelangst - Mallard  **REMASTERED**  

Release Date: September 2, 2005
Classification: SooperDooper
Starring: Brodie(Jim), Weide (Moritz von der), Stem (Steele), Haddock (Taff) et al [NB: This doesn't mean Alan Hasner  is involved]
Director: Stephan Spielburg  
Edition Details:
• Region 42 encoding (The Democratic Republic of Congo, but we think it will work in most DVD's if you faff around with some of the buttons before you play it).
• PAL (Paice Ashton Lord format)  Extremely Widescreen TV required (most of our fans are now over 40 and can afford this type of thing.
• Catalogue Number: ERESAGUDUN59

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Wide Screen
Available Audio Tracks: Syd Dilby's Pentaphonic Digitally Remastered Stereo (requires Syd Dilby speaker system and "surround house" speaker system available from all good Hi-Fi shops (not your high street shopping stores, just the specialist stores down Tott Court Rd))
Main Language: Northern English and internationally understood abuse (mostly germanic)
Sub Titles: Latin
Disc Format: DVD 42


Excellent insight into the making of the classic album, with archive footage from BBC's CrackerJack (CRACKERJACK!) and ITV's Magpie. 
How did the album title morph from "Well Hard" through "Mullard" and finally "Mallard"?
Full history of how the track "Renegade Nuns" was created
Who was "The Mole?"
Jim Brodies talks candidly about the arguments in the band at the time "It was in E, without a doubt"
Taff Haddock demonstrates setting up the drum riser using just gaffer tape and foam padding and also talks of his disagreements with Jim "no, it was in A"
Several rare promo clips including Moritz's infamous Cornflakes advert (which was never used of course)
Interviews with members of the band  
Was the track "Brush with Death" about Moritz's experiences on the road shagging foreign amplification equipment?
Did Deep Purple really steal the song "The Road" for their hit album Burn?
What exactly is "Snake Enhancer" really about?
Why is Arthur Mullard on the album cover with a duck over his face?
Free advert for Moritz's Catheter and Urine Collection bag
Running time approx 20 minutes.

Example Script:

In this scene Jim and Taff are in the original Proclaimers Truck mobile unit talking through the album tracks:

Jim Brodie "OK Taff put the next track on for me..........  Oh yes, Fake Tan.  Fake Tan was my song completely, written in the key of life, y'know.  It's one of those riffs that really gets to you quickly and once you've heard it you can't forget it.  ......... Y'what Taff?  Oh, sorry we're listening to Paranade are we?  OK.  Paranade was my song completely, written in the key of life.  It's one of those riffs that really gets to you quickly and once you've heard it you can't forget it........"

Taff Haddock: "Oh, Fuck off you dickhead, anyway it's in the key of E"

Jim Brodie "No A"

Taff Haddock "Fucking E you prick

Jim Brodie "no way E, it was in A"

etc etc

Picture shows Jim Brodie with the ORIGINAL Mallard studio tapes, about to launch it on an original MTS80 studio unit.
In order to get the best quality reproduction from this new DVD Jim Brodie, one of the founding members of Adelangst, has agreed to get involved with the digital remastering of the Adelangst classic Mallard.  Jim says "I've been working with the original tapes for a while now and I'm delighted to say that they are in good order and I'm really looking forward to working with Heisel Blimgish the well known Flemish Tonmeister at the Klirchkierang studios in Hammerfest over the next month or so."  Apparently there are some rare tracks that have surfaced on the original master tapes which could give some fans a surprise or two.  Also Jim tells us that they are going to use a 28 bit analogue to digital converter for the remastering process. "That's four bits better than a 24 bit, apparently" says Jim.   Thanks to Kelan Kutlieg for the picture.