He's back (possibly)!  June 25th 2016 is the date

Updated November 9th 2015: Band members confirmed!  After much speculation Jim has confirmed that the band will consist of no ex Adelangst members whatsoever.   "I've crafted a band from the best available on the back streets of Rochdale, the drummer has played recently at the Cask and Feathers on Drake St, so it's going to be quite spectalular.  Our new singer Joelyn is stunning, he sounds very much like Malcolm Hudson from the old Adelangst touring band from the 80's, you are going to be really impressed"   The only issue here is that Jim himself hasn't confirmed "Although it'll have my name against the posters and whatever, I've not guaranteed an appearance on the night, I think that's part of the interest, will he, won't he... even turn up, you'll have to wait for the event and see.".  Well it certainly should be interesting!

The 2016 Jim Brodie's Adelangst band lineup  is:

Alf Blackler: Drums

Garry Lomon: Bass

Splodge McVitie: Guitar

Jim Brodie: Lead guitar (proboably)

Updated November 5th 2015: Date announced!  The only UK date for Jim Brodie's return to rock is going to be at the Glastonbury Festival on Saturday June 25th.  You can't get tickets because they are completely sold out.  I know that really annoys the hell out of the fanbase, we can only apologise.  You'll be able to see it on the DVD afterwards.

Update October 30th: Yes for the first time in over 20 years Jim Brodie will be playing some rock gigs in 2016.  He's spent the last 20 years working on the fish market in Rochdale (Saturday mornings only) but will be back rocking and doing his thing in 2016.  There will be at least 4 dates. Details here soon!

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